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Nudes, not nukes!

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Posted by CCAFE FWD on October 06, 1999 at 14:51:41:

Butterflies Hold Nude Protest for Peace

Here's what happened at the World Forum Event last Sunday. Carol B., Ed
Elkin, Dr. Caldicott, and Patch Adams emerged from their chrysali and led a
nude demonstration against nuclear weapons. They all have endorsed the
butterfly initiative's Earth Proclamation and Carol is on the advisory

Subj: Nudes, not nukes!
Date: 10/05/1999 12:20:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: heal@kay-net.com (Healing Global Wounds)

Wendy Tanowitz wrote:

Our Y2K World Atomic Safety Holiday campaign people were at a forum on
nuclear weapons last night. It was a ho-hum affair until Helen Caldicott and
Patch Adams related a story about how they had called a press conference in
Washington D.C. to talk about the possibility of extinction because of y2k as
it relates to nuclear weapons and power. No one came. So last night, Helen
said, "What does it take to get their attention? Do I have to take my clothes

Then Patch Adams asked the audience how many would be willing to take their
clothes off. Dozens raised their hands. One of our Y2K WASH folks called the
press, we all disrobed and marched down Van Ness Avenue chanting, "disrobe
for disarmament, and "Nudes, not nukes!" The SF Examiner and Channel 5 did
fair coverage--no frontal nudity, however. They both get the story right
about the reason we were doing this.

This is the story which appeared in the San Francisco Examiner today, 10/4.


Activists reveal naked truth about nuclear catastrophes

By Ray Delgado OF THE EXAMINER STAFF Monday, October 4, 1999

Activists reveal naked truth about nuclear catastrophes

50 people march nude on Van Ness to draw attention to Y2K dangers

Some activists get arrested to draw attention to their cause. Others scream
and rant in hopes that people will listen.

Some nuclear activists, on the other hand -- well, they get naked.

About 50 people who gathered Sunday night near City Hall for a conference on
the potential dangers of Y2K-induced with a mass nude demonstration along a
block of Van Ness Avenue. Desperate for press attention for their cause, they
opted to get covered by uncovering.

The nude march was led by Patch Adams, an activist and doctor who inspired
the movie based on his lifetime of unconventional approaches to adversity.

"Non-violent people like us really have so few tools to face a capitalist
system," Adams told the crowd as they uncomfortably disrobed outside Herbst
Theater in the War Memorial Building. "All we really have are ourselves and
our ideas. Our ideas have not done the job."

With those words, the crowd whooped and hollered their way out of the
building and onto Van Ness for a quick stroll down the street, chanting,
"Disrobe for disarmament," and, "News, not nukes."

Along Van Ness Avenue, some cars slowed to gawk and others honked at the
protesters, who cheered in response.

The night air was chilly enough to have a noticeable effect on some
participants, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm among the participants

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