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Where Your Attention Is...There YOU Are!

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Posted by CCafe - FWD: Patricia Cote-Robles on September 12, 1999 at 14:37:35:

FWD This was forwarded by Ed Elkin:

It's FYI, Inspiriation and support, becuase you are perfect...just the way you are!
This may be a bit too New Agey for some... My experience in life tells me its true. What about you?



>From: PattiCR (Patricia Cote-Robles)
>Where Your Attention Is...There YOU Are!
>Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
>PO Box 41883
>Tucson, AZ 85717
>It is hard for us to fathom the true significance of the unique events taking
>place on Earth, but they are unprecedented and profound. You and I have each
>been preparing for thousands of years for this moment. During this process of
>preparation we continually vacillated between the emotional extremes of great
>expectation, hope and elation as well as great anxiety, fear and dread. Even
>now, we regularly experience those extreme feelings because we have forgotten
>the Truth of our physical experience on this Planet. We have forgotten that
>you and I, as Sons and Daughters of God, have the Divine Birthright of
>co-creating this reality. We are NOT just powerless victims of circumstance,
>we are powerful creators of circumstance.
>Even though every world religion and every form of education has tried to
>teach us that Universal Law, in one form or another, we just haven't gotten
>it. But now, our time is at hand, and we can no longer remain in the
>discomfort and pain of our ignorance and denial.
>The religions of the East have referred to this Universal Law as the Law of
>Cause and Effect or the Law of Karma. In Judaism it was called an eye for an
>eye, a tooth for a tooth. In Christianity it was stated as reaping what we
>sow or casting our bread upon the water to have it return to us. In more
>scientific terms, it is referred to as like attracts like, action and
>reaction, radiation and magnetization. In other words, the Law of the Circle.
>The literal interpretation of this Universal Law simply means that ALL of our
>thoughts, words, actions and feelings go out into the World and return to us
>in our everyday life experiences.
>At any given moment our lives are reflecting all of the thoughts, words,
>actions and feelings we have expressed in the past. We are always a sum total
>of everything we have ever experienced since we were first breathed forth
>from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. Just imagine!
>It is no wonder we are having such a difficult time. Just think how many
>times you have had negative thoughts or behaved in a way that you weren't
>proud of in this lifetime. Now, multiply that by a thousand lifetimes. Whew!
>Scary isn't it?
>The purpose of this information, however, is not to terrorize us. It is being
>given at this time to remind us of what we have forgotten and to put things
>back into perspective so each of us can accept responsibility for turning our
>lives around. It is being given to us so that we will understand and know
>that if we don't like what is happening in our lives, we have the option to
>do something about it. This is true for each of us individually, and it is
>true for us collectively as a Global Family.
>It is imperative that we really grasp the Truth of this Universal Law because
>we are ALL subject to it whether we believe in the Law or not. It is like the
>Law of Gravity. As far as the Law of Gravity goes our belief in whether it is
>true or not is immaterial. If we jump off of a roof, we are going to fall to
>the ground. Even if we don't believe in the Law of Gravity, we are still
>going to fall to the ground.
>The Universal Law of the Circle is the same. We don't have to believe that
>every single thought, word, action and feeling we have will go out and effect
>the World and then return to us to effect our personal lives, but it will
>happen scientifically to the letter of the Law in spite of our disbelief. It
>doesn't matter whether we believe in reincarnation or whether we understand
>that we have an accumulation of experiences from our pasts that are
>influencing our present lives, it is happening anyway.
>So, what if we stop resisting that Truth and just accept it as a possibility.
>What if we say to ourselves, Maybe it is true. Maybe I can turn things
>around in my life by accepting that Universal Law and working with it instead
>of fighting against it. If we are willing to take that first step and
>genuinely put forth the effort to correct our behavior, the floodgates of
>Heaven will open to assist us in accomplishing our goals.
>Okay, so how do we begin? Well, first of all, we must constantly remind
>ourselves that whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying or doing we are
>co-creating, empowering and magnetizing into our lives. Read that statement
>That is true whether we are talking about prosperity and abundance, vibrant
>health, loving relationships, fulfilling jobs, happiness, spiritual growth,
>World peace, Global harmony, tolerance, healing the Planet, the vision of the
>New Heaven and the New Earth...or hatred, war, dysfunctional relationships,
>poverty, disease, natural disasters, cataclysmic Earth changes, governmental
>conspiracies, violence, crime, inhuman behavior toward each other or any
>other negative situation manifesting on Earth at this time.
>This does not mean putting our heads in the sand and pretending that the
>negativity is not occurring on Earth. Of course, there are a lot of things
>that need to be dealt with, but it is how we deal with them that determines
>whether we are part of the solution or part of the problem.
>All life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. That means that
>every single electron and subatomic particle of energy effects every other
>electron and subatomic particle of energy. That in turn means that every
>person, place, condition and thing effects every other person, place,
>condition and thing. Contemplate that for just a moment. This is a critical
>facet in our understanding.
>What that Truth means, literally and tangibly, is that we cannot have a
>negative thought about a person, place, condition or thing without it
>effecting ourselves personally.
>There is NO us and them.
>As soon as we deteriorate into thinking there is us and them, we become
>part of the problem.
>So, how do we address the negativity without co-creating and empowering it?
>First of all, we move out of the holier than thou consciousness of
>separation and acknowledge that part of ourselves is out of sync. Even if we
>would never think of picking up a gun and shooting someone, or being violent,
>or committing a crime, or hating another ethnic group, or lying, or being
>dishonest, or instigating a war, or being judgmental, or being corrupt, or
>polluting the environment, or abusing another person, or betraying a loved
>one, hoarding our wealth while others live in dire poverty and starvation, or
>leading people astray, or breaking the Universal Laws of Harmony and Divine
>Love, there are millions of people who do those things, and those people are
>part of us.
>That means that you and I are effected profoundly by their thoughts, words,
>actions and feelings because we are all One. So instead of judging them,
>saying they are bad, disassociating ourselves from them and hating them, we
>need to say, How can I help to lift up that other facet of my own
>consciousness and correct that behavior.
>By focusing our attention on the negative behavior, talking about it, judging
>it, criticizing it and being emotionally involved with it, we are actually
>amplifying the very thing we are angry about.
>If, however, we go within the deepest recesses of our hearts and ask our God
>Selves how we can assist in a positive way to dissipate the negativity and
>correct the dysfunctional behavior of this other aspect of ourselves, we will
>get the answers we are seeking.
>Our God Selves will joyously respond, and we will be reminded of the
>Universal Law...
>As I Am lifted up,
>ALL life is lifted up with me.
>Then, we will begin to remember the training that we have had over aeons of
>time to cope with the negativity that is surfacing during this unique time on
>Earth. We will KNOW that we have, blazing within our hearts, all of the
>Sacred Knowledge, skill, talent, courage and strength we need to succeed in
>this Divine Mission God Victoriously.
>We will remember the Divine Truth...
>Ask and you shall receive.
>Knock and the door will be opened.
>As those Truths begin to surface in our conscious minds, we will understand
>that we have a choice as to how we are going to allow negative things to
>effect us. We cannot control everything that is happening, but we have
>absolute control over how we respond to each experience. If we get angry,
>filled with hate and broadcast our indignation to the World, we are
>co-creating and intensifying the problem. If instead, we detach from the
>anger and hatred and invoke the Light of God into the situation, we will
>transmute the negativity and perceive new positive ways to handle the
>situation. Often we will see viable solutions to old problems, and we will
>learn new ways of dealing with old challenges that will make our lives easier
>and happier. If other people are involved, the Light of God will create the
>environment so the God Self of that person can get through to them to guide
>them in another direction.
>This is not a complicated process; it just takes discipline and determination
>on our part. Getting furious and outraged is a very normal reflex response
>when we hear about the atrocities people are inflicting on each other. The
>problem is that those feelings don't help the situation.
>We must learn to consistently recognize the negative behavior and instantly
>say to ourselves, I AM going to transmute the negativity associated with
>this situation and lift up the aspect of my consciousness that would think of
>doing such a thing?
>Our consistent, positive response will change the course of history and the
>direction of the World!
>You already have within you all of the information you need to accomplish
>this Divine Mission. The problem is that often people haven't dared to trust
>themselves enough to listen to their own hearts. Therefore, I am going to
>give you a few invocations to use until you feel confident enough to create
>your own.
>Whenever you are confronted with a negative thought, word, action, feeling,
>person, place, condition or thing personally in your own life or in the World
>simply say:
>Through the Power of God pulsating in my Heart, I invoke the Light of God
>into this situation. I Am One with all life, and I understand that as I Am
>lifted up, ALL life is lifted up with me.
>Beloved Father-Mother God, Transmute into Divine Light every electron of
>energy associated with this negative situation and Transmute the cause, core,
>effect, record and memory of this negativity back into its original Divine
>I ask my God Presence, the God Presence of each person involved and the God
>Presences of ALL Humanity to take full command of our thoughts, words,
>actions and feelings. Lift each one of us up into the Truth of Oneness and
>Reverence for ALL Life. Guide and direct us so that we will each recognize
>the error of our ways and take the necessary steps to create a new reality
>based on Divine Love and Harmony.
>* I Am a Force of the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation more powerful
>than any human miscreation. (Repeat from * 12 times)
>I understand and KNOW that this activity of Light is being God Victoriously
>Accomplished even as I speak. I ask that the Light of God be increased
>through me and ALL Humanity daily and hourly with every breath we take.
>I accept that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and I now understand and
>KNOW that I AM that Light!!!
>And so it is, Beloved I AM."
>After invoking the Light of God, observe the negative situation and determine
>what you want to happen in your life, or on Earth, instead of the negative
>situation that is occurring. Then, focus all of your attention on creating
>what you want instead of manifesting the fears of what you don't want.
>You already have the answers and the solution within you. Trust yourself!!
>You are more powerful and more magnificent than you can possibly imagine.
>Ask God and the entire Company of Heaven to assist you. Your greatest efforts
>will be expanded a thousand times a thousand fold.

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