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Posted by Kate Lutz on May 24, 1999 at 14:54:12:


My friend Steve sent this to me. I thought you'd enjoy it as a little piece
of inspiration for the day. It captures the essence of what we know
somewhere in our hearts, and good too for people coming round to this point
of view to read for affirmation of the inner knowing.

Love to you --Kate

L I G H T W O R K E R S ! *

by Steve Diamond

c. 1999

(* LIGHT = Letting In God's Higher Truth -- kl)

We are the Lightworker Tribe. We are everywhere on this Planet.
In every country, on every continent. In the cities. In the small towns
and villages in the countryside.

We are of different ages, races, and religions, and are found in
all walks of life.

Among the many beliefs that we share are:

--We know why we are here, why we have incarnated at this time
and place...

--We are here to help spread the Light, in one form or another.
It is an inner kind of direction which hundreds of thousands of us share
intuitively. It does not come from any books or directives
from other people...

--We are here incarnated to help improve Planetary conditions
for our fellow humans...

Some might call it the Boddhisattva Brigade...

Each one of us has self-selected our own "assignment" in
conjunction, of course, with our karmic destiny and the wishes of The Great
Spirit, Our Creator...

As G. I. Gurdjieff once said, "the only true initiation is

The Lightworker Tribe exists independent of any leaders, so
called, or any one, over-arching organization. There are literally hundreds
of thousands of organizations, whose goals are similar, and who's belief
systems are shared.

As such, each individual Lightworker is "the leader."

We "think global, act local."

We "question authority."

We "practice random kindness, and spontaneous acts of beauty."

We shout "No Nukes!" whenever we get the chance.

Our goal is to "Save The Planet," pure and simple.

Our song is "Give Peace A Chance."

Our favorite color is: all colors of the rainbow.

II. Consensus Reality v. Lightworker Reality

--Belief in The One God...

--The Lightworker Tribe is as "real" as your local massage
therapist's office, the corner organic health food store, your town's
meditation or yoga center, or your state's Green Party candidate...

Our belief is that all people are created by The One God. And
therefore all people carry the Divine Spark, or Divine Fragment, within

We are working to make the preceding concept the hallmark of
life on this Planet...

Perhaps someone you know is a Lightworker, someone close to
you... someone in your office, a son, or a daughter, or a neighbor. We are
everywhere, all over the planet.

Perhaps by the time you finish reading this, you will see the
Lightworker in you!

You might be a follower of Ramtha, Rosicrucianism, Roman Catholicism,
Ramakrishna, or Rotary-- regardless of your school or social
affiliations, your aim is to serve humanity by spreading The Light.

The Light we/you are spreading is the understanding of The One.
"Toward The One."

"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated individuals can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret
Mead said that.

(The members of my tribe took up a collection many years ago to
send me to your schools so that I could learn to write in your language in
order to inform your civilization about our mystical tribe. Perhaps in my
reporting on the Lightworker Tribe you will see something of yourselves, as
if looking in a mirror. )

Occasionally I am forced to say or write something you might
consider too outlandish, or even "impossible."

For example-- some day the Peace Industry will replace the War
Industry, as the industry with the largest volume of cash expenditures on

Impossible, you will say, outlandish!

Which is how "they" have conditioned you to think.

"They" don't allow you to even consider another possible way--
because if you change your way of thinking, you will change the world. Or at
least change the way people live here on earth.

Who are "they" you might ask? "They" are the servants of The
Dark. They are themselves slaves to war, violence, greed, competitiveness,
enslavement, materiality. "They" thrive on destruction, fear, anger and

But even The Dark, and its hierarchy of masters and servants,
still owes its existence to The One God. This can sometimes be a difficult
idea to accept, especially by the forces of The Dark themselves.

But how can it be otherwise? If God is really One, and God
created all, It, i.e. God, must have created both of those themes we call
good and evil. As well, God created free will, for each individual to chose,
to exercise that free will in making the "right" choice to work for the Good
of All.

--We believe that it IS possible to feed the world's population,through the
appropriate distribution of wealth and natural resources.

--We believe that in the near future, hunger, and starvation
will have been eliminated. Similarly, we believe that access to food,
clothing, shelter, and health care are a basic human right, and that the
provision of same are the duty of the world's governmental structures.

--We anticipate (prayerfully) the day when the world's War
Industry will be converted to a Peace Industry.

Imagine half of the world's military budget redirected to peaceful/civilian
purposes i.e. the aforementioned food, clothing, education, and healthcare--
and other half allocated to space exploration. the
latter, could accomodate the world's military systems into a planetary
space exploration corps.

(Uh-oh, have I crossed over your "outlandish" line? Are you
murmuring the word "impossible" as you read these lines?)

"Impossible" as was human flight at one time, and yet today
thousands of airline flights are happening each and every day.

Perhaps feeding the planet, currently an "impossibility" in your
estimation, will also become ONE DAY as commonplace as flying
from Los Angeles to Boston and back.

Another one of the paradoxes involved with the Lightworker Tribe
is that Everyone is a member, they might not have woken up to it yet.

Just as we say "Namaste," a Sanskrit word which means "I
salute the Divinity in you," upon meeting friend or stranger, so too we
acknowledge the presence of the Divine Spark within every living creature,
human, animal or plant.

Perhaps some are more aware of it within themselves, thus
allowing the spark to glow a little brighter. Others perhaps, haven't the
least clue that the God Force that created them and gives them life, had
left a tiny ember burning deep within each human soul, even in those who
might be unknowing.

Theirs is the joy and wonder to discover it, sooner or later,
this lifetime or the next or even the one after that. But discover that
fragment of the Divine they surely will, eventually, they will find it deep
within, resting, glowing, burning, "lighting" from within.

For discovering the God Within, is another facet of the Jewel of
Life, and another unstated goal of the Lightworker's existence.

And not only discovering the Divine Spark within herself, or
himself, but within all beings, all life forms-- this is the raison d'etre
of Lightworkers everywhere.

That is why we are here.

This is our mission.

To discover, and to acknowledge the Divine, within all life, children,
women, men, animals, leaves, trees, oceans and stars.


(please disseminate to those you think would like to read this document.
please credit the author, steve diamond, c. 1999, ommm7@hotmail.com)

Kate Lutz - Senior Organizer 206.264.0114x219
Earth Day Network, Earth Day 2000 fax 206.82.1184
91 Marion Street, Seattle WA 98104 mailto:katel@earthday.net

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