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Re: Global Holiday Site to Debut Earth Day 1999

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Posted by Jennifer Prugh - Cogswell Polytechnical College on April 02, 1999 at 00:20:44:

In Reply to: posted by CCafe on February 24, 1999 at 12:16:56:

>> Greetings,
>> I'm sending you an invitation to participate in a website that is
>> being
>> announced publicly on April 22, Earth Day. Please read below and
>> should you
>> have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
>Best Regards,Jennifer Prugh
>> Greetings:
>> While I was teaching in Asia last year I became concerned that the
>> young
>> people have become excited about celebrating American holidays, while
>> they have lost interest in their native holidays. I also became
>> concerned that many Americans don‚t know the stories and origins of
>>> their own holidays.
>> In response I have created a web-site to educate people about
>> holidays
>> taking place all over the world. When you visit the site, you can
>> choose
>> any day of the year to find out what countries have a holiday each
>> day,
>> how it is celebrated and the origin of that particular
>> holiday.
>> Each holiday will have a piece of artwork created by an artist who
>> celebrates the holiday. There will also be short stories by people
>> from
>> around the world about their own memories of a particular holiday.
>> The
>> World Holiday Calendar will provide an opportunity for people from
>> around the world to show their artwork and link to their web-site or
>> email address so that interested individuals can obtain more
>> information
>> about the artist and/or writer represented. The site will also have
>> an online greeting card component so that people can choose from the
>> available artwork to send to their friends and family.
>> The launching date for the first version of the site is April 22,
>> 1999.
>> We are currently requesting submissions of stories and artwork. We
>> would like to have all artwork and stories received by April 15th,
>> (tax day:)
>> To submit a story or artwork:
>> The artwork can be any original artwork made by you. This includes
>> all
>> paint, ink, charcoal, photography, collage, and sculpture (if well
>> photographed), short animation, video segments, or computer generated
>> pieces. If you send an artwork electronically, please send it as a
>> JPG
>> format, no larger than 256x256 pixels. If it is a horizontal or
>> vertical
>> piece, please make the smaller dimension no more than 256 pixels in
>> either direction.
>> If you would like to send a story, please make it no more than roughly
>> 500
>> words. If you have a Website address or an email address, include it
>> so that
>> we can link to your page as a way of promoting you and your work.
>> Send all submissions to jennifer@cogswell.edu.
>> If you are sending through the mail, submit to:
>> Jennifer Prugh Associate Professor
>> C/O Cogswell Polytechnical College
>> 1175 Bourdeaux Dr.
>> Sunnyvale CA 95087
>> We are also looking for individuals from smaller less documented
>> countries
>> to verify the information we have collected from books. If you know
>> anyone
>> from a third world country or a small European country that you think
>> might be open
>> running the information we have collected about their country, please
>> let me
>> know.
>> To access the site to see what we've done so far, go to
>> www.worldholidaycalendar.com. The site is by no means functional but
>> you can at least view it as we prepare it for April 22nd.
>> Frequently asked Questions
>> Do I have to be a professional artist?
>> Absolutely not. Anyone is capable of creating something unique and
>> expressive. I am interested in a personal story about a holiday that
>> you
>> have celebrated in the past. This is an opportunity to promote your
>> work.
>> What kind of legal issues exist if you are showing my artwork?
>> You will need to submit a disclosure form if you wish your work to be
>> considered for the CD ROM that we are also creating to accompany this
>> project. When our site goes up, we will notify you that the
>> disclosure
>> form is available for you to access and email back to us. Although
>> the
>> copyright is your own, the signed disclosure allows us to publish the
>> work in this specific manner should your work be chosen.
>> How do I begin?
>> Ask yourself these questions:
>> What holidays does you or your family celebrate?
>> Do you have a significant memory of a particular holiday or festival?
>> Is the way you and/or your family celebrate this holiday
>> similar/different from other families in your area? How?
>> What personal images or symbols or colors to you associate with this
>> holiday?
>> What media would best represent your holiday?
>> Below are two stories as examples for the project:
>Two stories as examples for the project:
>The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the seventh month of the
>lunar calendar that is around mid-August. It is the day to give
>offerings to our ancestors and to pay respect to the dead. It is said
>that the gate of Hell (hell is the English name for the world where the
>Chinese go after they die) would open up on that day to release the
>spirits to the human world. Therefore, many unexplained and strange
>encounters always happen within the month. Besides giving offerings to
>the dead, stage performances known as ŒGei Tai‚ are made throughout the
>whole month.
>I never believed in such supernatural things until my auntie‚s encounter
>with the third kind. That happened about three years ago when my
>grandfather passed away. Chinese believed that the souls of the dead
>will return home to visit their family during the Hungry Ghost Festival.
>It was about two months after my grandfather‚s death, and the start of
>>the Hungry Ghost Festival. My auntie was sleeping at my grandfather‚s
>room when she heard a very weird shrieking noise outside the widow.
>Then, she saw the image of my grandfather hovering around the room. He
>stayed there for a while and left when it was about dawn.
>My grandmother found a handprint on the pail of rice (that‚s where we
>store the rice). It was believed that my grandfather left his handprint
>there when he was checking on our rice supply (to determine our
>financial status). It wasn‚t until I saw the handprint myself, did I
>actually believe my auntie‚s story.
>-Elaine Ong, Singapore
>There were a few years that our family of six children could not afford
>to splurge, so to speak. Instead of taking us to a soup kitchen to be
>fed, my father took us to the Catholic Community outreach on
>Thanksgiving to teach us to serve more needy families. It was a family
>occasion indeed. It taught us that when we had nothing, we could still
>give. We ate well in the process, and kept our dignity. Not only that, I
>learned to cook this way at a very young age!!! Of course my younger
>brothers complained, but I think it made them better men. At one time my
>father sold encyclopedias to get the free books to enhance our access to
>education. When there was no television, the children would pick up a
>book without being coaxed.
>My father was a simple man and wasn't exactly a modern thinker when it
>came to women's rights (which had something to do with my parents‚
>divorce) but, he had a very active imagination and a big heart. He tried
>his best to keep us healthy, fed, educated and entertained. He often
>traveled far to work and send money home. Sometimes he went to NewYork
>and sometimes to Philadelphia. There were several occasions when I was
>lucky enough to go with him. On these long drives north, my father told
>me about his time in the Navy, W.W.II and about Europe. He would always
>mention this exotic place called Fontaine Blue. These road trips
>provoked my imagination for far away places and was the seed for my own
>desire to travel.
>He was a very religious man and talked about joining a monastery. Not
>only that, he took the whole family to monasteries way out in the
>country where us six kids could run through the hills and play hide and
>seek in the old musty buildings. We had a Thanksgiving one year with the
>Trapist Monks who baked bread and sold it in the local markets. These
>men could really cook.
>They would call my father by his nick name "Reds" for his curly, red
>hair. Soon after our arrival I could hear monks laughing till tears were
>in their eyes. I could expect to be there for long entertaining hours of
>stories and watching my father perform slapstick like Charlie Chaplin.
>The monks really loved it when my father came to visit. I wondered why
>all the monks knew my
>father so well. There were many things I did not know about my father's
>past. Things I
>would have to "wait till I was old enough to find out". My father knew
>how to have fun
>in any situation. I wish he would have stayed with us longer.
>-Fontain Riddle Scott, Sunnyvale, California
>The real work of art is what you do with your own life.
>Jennifer Prugh - Associate Professor
>Cogswell Polytechnical College
>Jennifer@cogswell.edu (http://www.poiesis.com)

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