Creativity Cafe(R) at Cyborganic Presents...

V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink
January 29, 1997 <> 654 Mission Street, San Francisco

Welcome to this evening's premiere interactive networking event for artists, photographers, multimedia mavens & all creative people.

Tonight's Menu

-- Sing-A-Long Jam (7 pm) -- CCafe Concoctions --

Devanna Dean - Juice Bar

Main Course

Please contact the artists directly regarding their work

Introduction: Peter H. Rosen founder of V.A.R.I.O.U.S.

Nathan Vogel and Sherri Sheridan

Minds Eye Media (415) 665-9577:
On The Cutting Edge Of Everything, they have been in the trenches of the multimedia business discovering what works and what does not. They are ready to visually blow your mind with the most cutting edge Shockwave websites, interactive CD-ROMs, 3D animated worlds and digital video special FX in the industry today.,

Gary Wohlman

- (415) 381-6569:
will present two interactive pieces in his classic troubadour/merry minstrel context. One,a song entitled "Wilde JOY", is designed to awaken and set free the Creative Spirit within each of us. The second,which he has often portrayed as a court jester to audiences as far away as New Zealand, Australia, the Soviet Union and Bali, is a poem/recitation entitled "Where have I known you before?",

Lettie McGuire - McGuire Graphics:

Web site art director - analog and digital art. Highlights from my 3D-VRML gallery on Stratus.,

Patricia Taylor - Traveling Angels:

(510) 834-4410. Author, Interactive performance. A lover of people, fun and play...volunteering to step out of her comfort zone and play with us. It takes two to begin the connection. When all of us do, in one way or another, we can have a great party!!!,

Dancing for Dessert

asphalt canyon - 415.822.1826
"psychedelic tribal rock music for the new millennium"
asphalt canyon currently has 3 members: Kevin is absolutely an alien from the planet wrench riding a purple space bass; Gary is a San Francisco native who operates heavy equipment including flying VÕs + les paulÕs; Rick is a beat poet with a strat on his back; Pat is the honored beatmaster for tonightÕs performance and a longtime haughty-one saucyjack., - or -

Our purpose at Creativity Cafe is to bring into existence a place for artists and the public to gather, and to create with the latest technological tools, various media for improving communication, education, personal growth, self expression and financial freedom. A place where even technophobic people feel comfortable and can take advantage of the communications revolution.

We are glad you have chosen to join us in this demonstration of Creativity Cafe, a "New School for the New Millennium". Please contact us if you can help us secure funding for a permanent physical Creativity Cafe.

Since 1980, the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artists Showcase and Network eventŠa high-touch, high tech interactive "Living Gallery," has provided an environment where "Strangers are just friends who haven't yet met."

As a special part of tonight's program, we will be NetCasting via CU-SeeMe videoconferencing software thanks to MediaCast, Inc., and Sirius Connections. Many of the people involved with Creativity Cafe, share a mutual vision of an international network of artists cooperating to use their art as vehicles for healing, and for planetary and personal transformation...What began as a way for artists and audiences to get together in a new way that simply hadn't been done before, has now become the seed for a network of multimedia nightclubs and cybercafes practicing pronoia. Thank you for being with us tonight and for your willingness to...

Participate in Presenting Your Art!

Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (501-c-3) founded by artists using technology for a better world.

We hope you've enjoyed tonight's presentation. Plan now to attend and/or participate in one of our next Showcase and Networking events. Your inquiry is always welcome!

May your life be blessed with exuberant self expression, peace and love.....
For further information call or contact: Creativity Cafe: (415) 776-0821,,

MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTERS OF THE ARTS without whom, this presentation would not be possible: Cyborganic, Dimension 7, MediaCast, Inc., Sirius Connections, Macromedia, Adobe, the folks at 3220, Richard Petersen, Marvin Rosen, Miriam Sands, Jonathan Steuer, Crystal Soiu, Rick Serna, Chris Dodson, Peter Booth Lee, Ed Elkin, Jim Karnstedt, Abraham, Lua Hadar, Vicki Olds, JJ Paladino, Willard Van de Bogart, C. Scott Young, Alan Barsky, Jon Fox, Otto G., Robin (ert), Howard Pearlmutter, Cinnamon Sky and so many others whose support has fueled the fires of perseverance.

Sponsored in part by:


Kinetix (415) 547-2272

Blue Platypus (415) 387-3824

Abraham International (415) 474-3628

In 1980, Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services was founded by artist/coordinator, Peter H. Rosen, to establish an Artists Resource Center; a facility to provide opportunities for artists and audiences to gather, to exhibit, to discuss, and to enjoy all forms of traditional and digital creative expression. This center, now called Creativity Cafe will be replicated in communities all over the world, interconnected via the latest telecommunication technologies, to enable global audiences to enjoy and participate in interactive entertainment and educational experiences.

New technology and new self awareness necessitate changes in the way we relate to each other; personally, economically and socially. The Creativity Cafe will serve as an educational entertainment emporium offering indigenous communities, a gathering and communication center dedicated to helping people cope with new paradigms of thought and the technological shifts rapidly changing our world. Creativity Cafe is a venue for having fun or getting work done. It currently exists in cyber space and soon, as a physical place.