Resume of Peter H. Rosen
founder of Creativity Cafe

General Resume of PETER H. ROSEN
140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204, Kihei HI 96753         808 875-4747



== V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media; Owner Operator
Web site development; production of interactive art events using the marriage of art and technology to melt boundaries between physical reality and cyberspace.

== Graphics-On-Wheels(tm) Los Angeles & Maui, Hawaii:
Owner of computer graphic design company, multimedia artist/designer. Systems: Mac Platforms using Photoshop 7, Carrara 3D, Pagemaker 6.5, Freehand 8, Illustrator 7, Filemaker Pro, Excel, MS Word, Macromedia Director (interactive CD programming, MOTU Performer, Quicktime and various diagnostic softwares. Familiar with PCand Amiga environments.

== MacConcepts, Maui, Hawaii:
Artist/designer for HiRez service bureau -- Worked with advertising agencies to design advertising and promotional materials -- Outputting to imagesetter.

== Maui Bulletin, Maui, Hawaii:
Computer graphic artist/designer of display ads for weekly publication.

== Agfa Matrix, Orangeburg, NY:
Final testing of Forte Film Recorder -- Ran film emulsion and filter tests using DOS and Mac software -- Analyzed processed film for aberrations -- My reports and recommendations were used by engineers to reburn EPROM chips to achieve color purity and optical accuracy.

== "Creative Computer Exhibit", California Museum of Science & Industry, L.A.:
Computer Graphics artist/demonstrator -- Part-time exhibit coordinator -- Hard/software used: AT&T Targa/"TIPS", IBM/Chartpak "Picture This", Apple lle/"Designers ToolKit".

== Computer Graphics Artist; MicroGraphic IMAGES, Canoga Park, CA:
Design/creation of cover for Motorola repair manual.

== Music Video of the self-produced and written song;"Camel Caravan":
Amiga computer. Software used: Digi-View, D.Paint, Agesis Animator, Genlocked w/ live video.

== Consultant/Teacher: Macintosh computers, desktop publishing: -- Clients include:
Whole Life Monthly, Santa Monica News, AlphaGraphics Service Bureau, Invention Factory, Maui High Performance Super Computing Center.


== Chief Engineer, Map City Records, N.Y.C.:
Recording, mixing, editing and dub cutting -- Maintenance in four track studio -
Credits: l4 albums.

== Second/Maintenance Engineer, 54 East Sound Recorders, Pasadena, CA:
Wiring and installation of a 40 track computerized recording system -- 2nd engineer on albums for Polydor, Capitol, Columbia and Arista Records.

== "On The Threshold", Palace Theatre, 1987, L.A. SIGGRAPH, CA:
P.A. Mixer for l8 Artists' collaborations utilizing computer/video graphics, laser, slide, film and video projection, dance, live and recorded music.

== Audio Engineer; Newjack Sound, Hollywood, CA:
Engineered voice overs for various radio and TV spots -- Spotted music to "Insight", a nationally televised programme.

== Broadcast Cameraman, A.B.C. Television Network, N.Y.C.:
Cameraman on Dark Shadows, Virginia Graham Show, and network news telecasts.

== Executive Producer: "Buckminster Fuller: Grandfather of the Future":
A last video interview produced for distribution.

== Video Cameraman, New York & Los Angeles:
Clients include ABC Television Network, National Organization of Women (NOW), Video-It, Positive Media, Lionel Television Prod., Santa Monica College, Valley & Group W Cable, Maui Marriott, Akaku Community Television, etc.


== Spirit Body Process Performance Photography
Creator of an all-in-camera single exposure technique for rendering "light dancers" on the edge of time. Part of an onging series entitled: "From Rock To DNA".

== V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media, N. Y., L.A. & Maui:
Owner freelance Audio/Visual/Production Company -- Specialties: event documentation, performing arts, portraits and promotion -- Publications: Darkroom Photography, Songwriter Magazine, Neworld Magazine, Movement Newspaper, L.A. Light Directory, Western Photographer, National Academy of Songwriters, Unity and Diversity Council, Insight Training Seminars, etc.. Exhibitions: New York, Los Angeles, Maui, San Francisco, World Wide Web.


== V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; The Maui Artists Showcase and Networking Event, Maui, Hawaii:
Multimedia television program before a live audience on Local Cable TV and streaming to the Internet.

== Demonstrations of Creativity Cafe:
a networking and educational entertainment environment instigating interactive experiences for live and cyberspace audiences using art, technology and networking games as a catalyst for group interaction, talent-promotion and personal expansion.

CCafe exists in cyberspace (, and touches down frequently in physical reality on the way to a permanent venue (network) to serve the community.

== Creativity Cafe at MultiMedia Expo (Oct. 1994) & CreaTECH Conference (Dec. 1994) on Interactive Advertising, SF:
Demonstration of planned educational entertainment emporium. CuSeeMe video multicast on the Internet. Public access to Internet, to multimedia tools, 2nd AFSC award submissions. Sponsors included Apple Computer and GeoNet.

== Creativity Cafe Installation at SIGGRAPH; 1998, Orlando, Florida
KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World teleactivy. Interactive Intenet broadcasts connecting children in schools, homes, and public venues. They shared art and ideas that speak of their SOLUTIONS for making the world a better place:

== Creativity Cafe Installation at Children's Interactive Expo:
Demonstration of Creativity Cafe; a New School for the New Millennium. Teaching personal expression through DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Hands-on training in web, video, audio, music, and digital photography programs.

== Director of Marketing, Octree Software, New York City, NY:
Interface with allied corporations -- market positioning and sales of Caligari 3D solid modeling and video production software on Amiga platform -- creation of publicity and promotional materials.

== "David Elzey Live", At My Place, Los Angeles, CA:
Video director for internationally known mime's world tour kickoff event -- Three camera (ISO'd and mixed) shoot at nightclub location.

== Visual Artists' Resource Center, FutureWorld Expo '83, L.A. Convention Center:
Creation and implementation of a prototype Artists Resource Center featuring State-of-the-Art:--Image Storage/Retrieval System utilizing Optical Memory Disc Recorder -- Video studio; interviews with community leaders including Buckminster Fuller -- Our computerized expo directory replaced paper based version -- Hands on computer graphic systems.

== Director of Photographic Operations; Garden Theatre Festival, Los Angeles:
Organization/supervision of 9 photographers documenting a 50 day, 500 hr. performing arts festival -- fundraising (film and processing) -- Organized and promoted photo exhibit of audience submissions and expert hosts to educate the public.


== KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World:
a series of live and cyberspace events inviting the worlds' children to tell the adults what we should do to make this a more happy, healthy, safer and peaceful world:

== The first "Arts for Social Change" awards ceremony, New York City:
Hosted at NYC Wetlands Preserve Nightclub Oct 8, 1996. Audience voted for best of slides and computer/videographic animation reels submitted by leading production houses and artists on the theme of using technology for humanity. Winner was selected based on the artists ability to communicate the theme chosen and emotionally move people. A light and glass sculpture was awarded to the winner. Software prizes for the runners up were provided by Adobe.

== V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Visionary Artists' Showcase and Network, L.A., N.Y., Maui & San Francisco:
Created/developed an innovative educational entertainment event (and spawned an organization) providing new ways for artists to connect with each other and the public. Production of over 100 major programs catalyzing public interaction and appreciation of visual & performing arts. Education and networking of creative, cultural, art information and services.

== "Celebrate Life", Los Angeles:
Eight experiential events featuring V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Visionary Artists' Showcase and Network; entertainment demonstrating the human potential -- Vendors of products and services enhancing health and aliveness -- Dancing to live and recorded music -- Interactive Multimedia presentations.


== 9/85-1/86 Digital Motion Pictures, Burbank, CA: 3-D Computer Graphics; -- solid modeling and animation training on Cubicomp system.
== 2/85-6/85 Columbia College, L.A. Computer Graphics Lab: Granted 40hrs on Images ll System to produce "Rocks to DNA" an animation.
== 9/76-9/78 L.A. City College: Voice, Jazz Guitar, Advanced Photography.
== 9/72-1/73 New York University, N.Y.C.: Fortrain lV Computer Programming.
== 9/70-6/71 School of Visual Arts, N.Y.C.: Studio Photography.
== 9/65-6/66 C.W. Post College, Brookville N.Y.: Communication Arts; -- Engineer, WCWP-FM, co-producer/host of "Folk Project"; interviews, live & taped music.

Knowledge of the internet, technology & innovation in computer graphics, audio/visual production, arts & sciences through on-the-job study, magazines, technical/trade journals, trade show attendence and life experience!

References upon request. Visit my personal website for other resources.

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