Rosen's Spirit Body Process
Photographic Adventure

spirit body photo

Maui photographer Peter H. Rosen has originated a new process to paint with light. For the first time, he is sharing his secrets by teaching his unusual technique to a small motivated group of artists and photographers.

In one opening of the shutter, you will be taught how to paint with light at night to render results on photographic film that seem to be darkroom or computer enhanced. The complete process happens in nature!

The odyssey begins with an afternoon nature hike to a beautiful location. The process begins during the "Magic Time." Those with musical abilities/talents are encouraged to bring instruments to help expose the spirits. When darkness falls, we begin posing models (each other) and painting with light. The result will be similar to the illustrations, and done completely in camera. You can select what you want to be made visible. Clothing is optional. To see more images you can also go here.

Check out a great Spirit Body Photo taken on Haleakala during the Perseid meteor shower. Here is a portrait version to demonstrate the ability to make faces or other objects visible during the long time exposure.

Spirit Body Process Performance Photography is part of the Series, "From Rocks To DNA" Dancing On The Edge Of Time. My photographs express the inextricible bond between the human spirit and nature. Please explore some of the other images from this series in my Online Gallery. Have a look here for my newest Spirit Body Process Performances and assorted other photos!

Let me take you on an Extrodinary
Spirit Body Process
Light Painting Adventure

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