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Magical Mystery    Tour
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June 31, 2002      D I S T R I B U T E W I D E L Y!
Post Event Documentation:     Photographic Presentation and Production Documentation
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Los Angeles - When it comes to dancing on the edge of time, Peter H. Rosen is a master. This Maui musician, photographer and shapeshifting techno-shaman, former Los Angeleno (see L.A Weekly article: Feb, 1983), is in town to deliver a one man interactive big Media/ lubricated music/ performance art piece; entitled: Rivers Of Love. This Magical Mystery Tour and Automobile Adventure is a multi-location, multi-sensory, hi-tech, no-tech storytelling experience and concert.. The adventure begins at 7:30pm on July 11th at "Quest" in Santa Monica (corner 19th & B'way). If you are hungry for something entirely different, $10-$15 will get you some great food for thought and fill your soul to the brim! No one who wants to nibble will be turned away! Pre-register online for the cheaper meal: (here) or stop by Quest Center for Physical and Spiritual Fitness.

Want a brain-break from traditional theater, boring television, and the kiss-ass politics of "normalized" realities? This show is for you! Rosen will take his audience on a journey that begins by asking the question, "Can Rivers Of Love float in a sea of fear?" If you consider yourself a cultural creative, normal, abnormal, hey...even paranormal member of society, you might want to partake of this unusual experience. Rosen threatens to expose his most perverse sexual tendencies and vision of how the creative potential in us all will be unleashed for fun and profit.

In an evening of Large Screen Multimedia Storytelling, Rosen will marry the ancient art of storytelling with state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation. Experience tales of the miraculous; such as how he wound up doing contact improv with what appeared to be a dead turtle...after getting kicked out of the Maui Writers Conference. He is performing to demonstrate what positive and abundant future awaits creative people - who are not afraid to take risks and expose themselves - an Angeleno catharsis. If you find its time to get back to your authentic self and need a roadmap, pied piper Peter will be your tour guide.

His mostly musical performance will include original songs guaranteed to move your body and make you want to sing! "Since I know how talented and unappreciated most people are, the experience will include audience networking in the name of 'Pronoia'" say's Creativity Cafe founder, Rosen. Peter's mission is to build a network of Creativity Cafe community "collaboratoriums" -- places to produce and enjoy positive, life-enhancing media and theatrical/healing experiences.

Technology has connected us in new and unimaginable ways, creating both barriers to physical intimacy, yet new levels of intimacy inconceivable and unheard of 10 years ago. "Just around the corner," Rosen observes, "are new edutaiment and community visioning centers that will network you with everything you need to help heal your body and heart, and connect you with the resources you need to make your dreams come true."

The Rivers Of Love Tour is a funraiser and fundraiser for Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services; producer of Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World," and sister organization "We The World." Both groups share the agenda to give creative people an opportunity to work more closely with others in the evolution of sustainable peace and abundance for all inhabitants of planet Earth.

More than anything though, Rosen loves to facilitate creative expression in others (presently through the Maui Artists Showcase), teach people how to harness the technology to their best advantage...and bring harmony to the world. For details of this show that began in Hawaii and is headed for New York City, you can visit the Rivers Of Love website: For more information visit Creativity Cafe online @, or call (310)453-4536. Here is a Map of the location. View the local promotion.

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