Saturday, December 11, 2004

VMI SHOW 188 OVER - Christmas Party

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grand wailea hotel... wireless access

        The show went really well thanks in no small part to Brooks, pi, Jorel, and assorted artists who came to the aid of the party. Art and Heather were next door at t aparty for cindy so they brought over some cake.''Alika hired Kenny, the lahaina musician and akaku friend to videotape the showcase. I had come prepared for all but forgot the power adapter for the video camera that sat on a tripod the whole show and was never used.

Just created a blog, my third after KidCast, The Adventures of Shiloh Bones, and now 9470965 (Creativity Cafe Founders Corner).... don't know how to work them, but I guess I will learn.. Blogging is the biggest thing these days.
••••••••••• Saturday, December 11, 2004 7:52:16 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

went to a great christmas party thank to ed elkin calling and telling me about it. Fred spanjaaard was there too as were a lot of my friends. I was attracted to several women but only one was a musician and singer. I was on the piano all night after going into a back room at the owners house. Roy turned out to be a very funny fellow with characteristic trappings of a wizard. The room Fred, Roy and roy's friend went into to "Tune up" was covered floor to ceiling with electronic parts, machine parts, hardware and loads of tanks... He was in the benezine business selling cancer causing chemicals as a solvent. It reminded me of my childhood building electronic kits. and he looked a little like Grandpa.

I was totally turned on by Stephanie from Santa Cruz who I'd met years ago. She now moved to Maui and didn't remember waiting for my late plane from NY on that trip where AA fucked up on both directions and made me late for meetings.

I was having a strange time... maybe I was too high, even though I hadn't had anything beyond the usual drug of choice, pain killers and medical marijuana. I couldn't play any of my usual sing-a-long songs. nor christmas carols. I sat at the keys and all that would come out were noodelings. Loren was there. I had met him in Santa Cruz when visiting Dan two months back. I still have yet to back up my data and yesterday I discovered I am not getting mail.

Stephanie just called and wants to hang out at the beach. I better get an early start and get my food trip together. We are meeting to go swim with the dolphins.. Earlier yesterday, I was treated to a cranial sacral massage by Keith who called around noon. I had been working on getting my email fixed and the promotion out for the next showcase. The morning was spent in my bathtub office, laptop on the side of the tub and phones nearby, with a pitcher of water and cup to hydrate. I was in the tub for about 4 hours... Its too cold out for swimming. I guess I will try out the web suit again today even though its a size too small and makes me feel like a spacewalker.

I spoke with mother. she is going to fla in Jan to see if she can ween dad away from LEA who is in it just for the money.


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