Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Digital Playroom: Audio for TV and New Media

Digital Playroom: Audio for TV and New Media

I was reading up on how to play sound through a telephone. I used to love to do that from my old Wollensack T-1515-4 reel to reel stereo recorder in 1959. That was when stereo pre-recorded tapes first came out. It was in those days that I became interested in sound recording and audio engineering.

Today I started crying for no apparant reason. All of a sudden, tear were running down my cheeks. I wonder if its becuase I have been alone so long, without real contact with family and a beloved. Oh, I see my mom once a year. She and I kind of get along and god, she is dear to me... but I have no wife or lover.... since I am in pain most of the time from a back injury, I've become a Mac-a-holic with so many humanitarian projects, that I have no time to try to find the right person. I know the best way to find a mate is to attract her naturally.

I wonder where this will be posted? I have forgotten the URL. If you are reading this, please write to me: and let me know where I can find my ADVENTURES OF SHILOH BONES BLOG. THANKS!



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