"Maui Pod Pal Snorkel Adventures"

will delight the novice and the most experienced. Your underwater guide, Peter Rosen will provide instruction and/or take you on a special snorkel safari; all for one low price of $65 per person! The calm and healing waters of a Maui morning will be your window to wonder, inspiration and healing. Turtle encounters are guaranteed in this land based four hour excursion!

In less than 15 minutes of instruction, you will learn

  • How to select the proper mask,snorkel and fins
  • How to block water from entering your mouth and nose
  • How to keep the faceplate from fogging up
  • How to clear water in the snorkel
  • How to prepare for underwater snorkeling
  • How to stay underwater for up to two minutes, safely!
  • How to purge the water from the snorkel after a dive
  • How to NOT WORRY (about being harmed) while in the water
  • How to tell if a fish is ready to be petted?
  • How to get good photographs underwater
  • How to get the best price for all the above plus lodgings!
  • Amazing
    Smiling Turtle Movie...
    Most Turtles don't agree to be interviewed. Click the photo to see the subject of the most awesome turtle story you will ever read!

    Call for bookings, information & package deals…


    Or send e-mail to:

    Pod Pal Snorkel Adventures
    140 Uwapo Rd.,
    Tenafly, NJ 07670



    Book Your Adventure Now!

    Peter's Pod Pal Snorkel Adventures will take you to several of Maui's most spectacular (and secret) reefs among the best in Hawaii. Pod Pal Snorkel Adventures Maui is the only snorkel tour that includes Dancing with Turtles (from a respectful distance) and underwater flying lessons! Call me now to reserve your spot! Leave your cares and woe's (and clothes - optional) on shore. You will be thrilled by your new found freedom… and the underwater adventure that awaits you! This is a land based experience.

    Ask about having your Spirit Body Portrait painted - to capture your Spirit of Aloha! against a scenic background.

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