Welcome to the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink

We thank the Lighthouse Cafe for their hosting of the Maui Artists Showcase. We are planning our next showcases for production in the studios of Akaku Maui Community Television
The Maui Artists Showcase is often taped before a live audience. Audience members and artists are invited to interact for a 2 hour HAPPENING and taping and cablecast on Akaku Maui Community Television.
If you consider yourself an artist at ANYTHING,
you are invited to "strut your stuff" interactively
with an audience of peers and friends of art!

Everyone is welcome!
CALL NOW! 808.875.4747and be next in line. First Come, First Presented. This showcase is not curated. Every Artist can share!


  • 07/11/2008 - Production Halted (again) on this, the 38th Anniversary of VARIOUS. Thirty-Eight years since inception of Creativity Cafe!! I am still dreaming and doing what I can to manifest the vision. All that's needed are mentors who are on the same path. From these finger tips to God's lips, may they whisper in your ear.
  • 05/30/2008 - thru 6/20/08  Lighthouse Internet Cafe
  • 05/23/2008 - Lighthouse Internet Cafe, Kahului, Maui
  • 03/21/2008 - Lighthouse Internet Cafe, Kahului, Maui
  • 1/24/05 - Akaku Studio, Maui Hawaii
  • 12/20/04 - Unity House, Wailuku, HI
  • 11/29/04 - Kalama Park, Kihei Maui, HI
  • Resume production December 2003 (KidCast For Peace TV SHOW)
  • 1/12/02 - MAS Performance #6; KIHEI YOUTH CENTER
  • 12/15/01 - MAS Performance #5; at Hale Imua Internet Cafe, Wailuku
  • 12/08/01 - PROGRAM for MAS Performance #4; at DEBUT AT
    Hale Imua Internet Cafe, Wailuku

    The following videos have just been digitized and will be posted soon.
  • 1/29/00 - AKAKU - MAS Episode #3
  • 12/13/99 - AKAKU - MAS Series Show #2
  • 11/22/99 - AKAKU - Maui Artists Showcase TV Studio Debut!
  • Produced by Peter H. Rosen Productions on behalf of Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services

    Maui Artists Showcase a V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking Event from mauimacman on Vimeo.


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    Join in our Interactive Gatherings of Artists, Photographers and Edutainers


    First come, first presented interactively... before a live audience

    See photos from Previous Events

    Watch us LIVE here when broadcasting.

    You can also chat with us and interview Creativity Cafe Presented Artists on the Air
    On 6.13.08 our featured artist will be Jim Mitchell
               Download a typical PROGRAM (PDF) from one of our showcases.
    We regularly video tape and air on AKAKU ; local Maui Community Television

    Our most recent showcases:

    Next Event: Showcase Blog


    Enjoy CCafe's: Interactive Art Show LIVE
    TRANSMITTING LIVE on the Net when in production. Get on the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Maui Mailing List to keep in the loop. Lighthouse Cafe: MAP
    More details are in Creativity Cafe's Blog

    We broadcast LIVE on either Mogulus or our UStream account (our favorite because YOU THE VIEWER can also be televised) to our cyber audience - and those in the physical venue. No matter where you are, you can participate via Creativity Cafe's Interactive Broadcast Central . Be sure to tune in!
    We also maintain video on demand (VOD) archives where are available at the above broadcast window. We urge you to subscribe to V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Maui's Maui mailing list! Read an older PRESS RELEASE to see information about the showcase. Call for Akaku Studio Production Times or to participate in presenting your art!

    Maui Artists showcase under the stars

  • First come first presented (RSVP in advance). You say you are an artist,
    we will present you!
  • CALL 808-875-4747 to be on the show
  • Seating is unlimited. No Doors to open at 6:30pm; Showcase from7pm to 9pm
  • Dancing to Live Music begins at 9pm after networking activities
    Suggested Donation: LOVE OFFERING
  • If you would like to be FEATURED Sign Up!
    We feature up to 6 artists per interactive evening. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions, and respond to the artists; invited to speak about their projected work.
    View digital photos from our TV show rehearsal; 11/9/1999!

    Video Gallery Clips are coming soon! Everyone BRINGING art (digitized on CD-ROM)
    will have their work projected on the BIG SCREEN! Call for more information.

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