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Maui - April 22, 1999 "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" is a project of Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services. We encourage everyone's participation in this activity in which kids meet in videoconferences several times a year to share their heart and ideas for making the world a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place. While our focus is on "younger kids," people of all ages are invited to create analog and digital art, animation, web sites, etc. that demonstrate suggestions for improving the planet and its peoples. We invite YOUR SOLUTIONS at any time for sharing in Creativity Cafe's live CU-SeeMe multicasts. Please let us know you would to to participate for Earth Day 2000 KidCast for Peace.

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Principal Sponsors for the 1999 Earth Day KidCast For Peace include:
Mindspring Enterprises -= Principal Web Host =-
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media -= Executive Production =-
Global SchoolNet Foundation -= MultiPoint Reflector =-
MetaCreations -= Awards For Best Entry =-
Maui.Net -= Hawaiian ISP =-
White Pine Software -= CU-SeeMe Software =-
Mark Of The Unicorn -= Digital Performer =-
Web Publishing - Sandra Henry-Stocker -= The Voting Interface =- CCafe Co-Webmaster High Tech Concepts - Special Thanks to George Michalski
Hawiian Moons Natural Foods
Aloha Books
Maui One Love Earth Day Festival -= Site of hands-on art making for April 22, KidCast =-
Dream Makers Foundation

Cyber Cafe Maui; CU-SeeMe Broadcast Central

(We are sorry to report that Cyber Cafe Maui is no longer in business).
Live from 6am to 4pm Hawaii Standard Time. If you don't have CU-SeeMe, you can view periodic captures from our webcast camera!
The KidCast #8 Button will always be your link to FUN and creative expression! Share your Heart & Art! Take a moment now and make a pledge for peace. This HELP FILE explains everything for fun ways to contribute to this ongoing appeal for "kids" of all ages to heal our planets people. Can *you* suggest how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world? We are using White Pine's CU-SeeMe Software with their MultiPoint Conference Server donated by Global SchoolNet Foundation.

This project seeks the best interactive participation in our KidCast Video Network and Natural Musical Instrument Jams. We hope you will play in this global family happening for which prizes will be awarded thanks to MetaCreations! Your can use this TIME ZONE MAP for planning...Soon we will post an accurate assessment of participants who have contacted us. Sontaineous cybercasts and Inter-Activities to be moderated from KidCast Central at Maui's very own Cyber Cafe operated by fabulous Fabienne. As is true for most of CyberSpace, this is a grand experiment! Good Luck to everyone!

Let the "kid" in *you* OUT!
in our next "KidCast For Peace"
Earth Day Videoconference: April 22, 2000
Start NOW to offer your visions of peace for this ongoing event!

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