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KidCast For Peace: Children hold Court in Earthday Cybercast

SAN FRANCISCO - April 6, 1997 "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" is an ongoing Web site creation project with CU-SeeMe videoconferencing on Earthday, Tuesday, April 22, 1997 and other times to be announced.

Purpose: To empower children to express what they think we should do to make the world they will inherit a happier, healthier, safer and peaceful place. To establish a channel on the internet where children of all ages get to grow a better world. The seeds being their thoughts and images which they will share live in CU-SeeMe addition to building web sites and virtual worlds (ongoing).

Subjects: Science, Geography, Technology, Art, Interpersonal Communication, Community Relations

Grade Level: K-12 and beyond

Summary: Teachers, parents and concerned citizens are invited to have a conversation with children exploring the idea of personal and global peace. You might ask kids to imagine what it would be like living in a different culture? To look at things we take for granted from another persons point of view. To explore "conflict" i.e., how would you handle a situation where you were building a house of cards and your friend comes over and takes a bottom card causing all you have worked for to be destroyed? etc.

Encourage students to communicate their feelings and responses in traditional or multimedia to be put up on a Web site. Drawings in crayon would be scanned, Quicktime movies are ready to go, etc. Complete directions can be found in KidCast Central:


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Creativity Cafe KidCastFor Peace Children of All Ages Speak Out For A Better World

Children of all ages (and their parents) can participate. Please join us online after creating your works of art, poems, animation, etc., depicting how you feel we could make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world? Create a web site called KidCast for Peace and send us the URL. Contact us ASAP if you want to participate in our CU-SeeMe Cybercast.

Participate in building community committed to a peaceful planet. KidCasting is fun and open to K-12 Kids and Children of ALL AGES in schools, hospitals, cybercafes, and in homes around the world! Share your thoughts and art with others via Free CU-SeeMe internet videoconferencing software for live interactive fun!

We are currently looking for others with whom to pre-arrange CU-SeeMe videoconferences with. Please contact us immediately if you would like to participate in this way. The KidCast is an ongoing cyberspace and physical activity. Let the kid in *you* speak out to share solutions to people's inhumanity to each other and the Earth, or just express your positive vibrations. Everyone is invited, at anytime, to create their own KidCast for Peace website and send us the URL for linking. Just send a message with the following in the subject line:

KidCast Submission - (your location).

Be sure to browse on over to KidCast Central and visit our 3-D "EarthStation", a VRML model that contains links to Creativity Cafe sponsors and participating web sites. This is our fourth KidCast. Help us to build a Children's "Peace Place" on the Internet. Please contact Creativity Cafe anytime with your offer of financial and inkind support, and/or to volunteer as a Creativity Cafe Tour Guide at our live events. You can also be a KidCast coordinator in your area.

KidCast For Peace and Creativity Cafe are projects of Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.) 2263 Sacramento St., #2 San Francisco, CA 94115 415.776-0821

We appreciate your support and propagation of this event... The healing power of the child in all of us, and the marriage of art and technology, can heal our hearts, minds, and bodies!!! Let's do it in the spirit of PRONOIA.

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Peter H. Rosen

Ed Elkin - Creativity Cafe Consulting Synergist

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