KidCast#5 UPDATE - 9/18/97

Latest KidCast Updates: October 1997 and November 1997
This next "KidCast For Peace" gathering, will bridge many live, interactive events around the globe on November 17th. It begins a series of CU-SeeMe Netcasts to culmanate in a special awards ceremony during Siggraph98 in Orlando, Florida.

KidCasting involves kids making art (drawings, websites, VRML worlds) that describe how to make this a happier, healthier and safer planet. Then joining in a videoconference where participants hold up their work to the cameras and interact with everyone else in the CU-SeeMe reflector network.

A live MIDI music jam channel will melt the language barrier. Participants will direct us to their web site/world displaying their submissions. We will link their URL to KidCast Central and to our VRML EarthStation, currently circling cyberspace for ongoing enjoyment and inspiration.

We ask that you help give the leaders of tomorrow a place for making
their feelings and ideas known today.
At Visionary Artists Resources
Including Other Unique Services--primary sponsor of the event, we believe
the children who shall inherit the earth, should have a voice in shaping
it. The "adults" could stand to learn a thing or two from the innate wisdom
embodied by the "child"(inside us all). While this event is targeted at
K-12 and youth, we encourage you to let the "kid in you..." out for this
onging event. Details and latest developments upated in KidCast Central.

Please call or email if you can be of any assistance at all...
We need for the following volunteers:

  • Teacher/organizer to help get local schools to participate and attend
    the live event (SF and globally)

  • Someone to configure the ListProc donated by Envirolink for KidCast
  • People to help propigate the event online
  • People to help redesign the KidCast Central Web site:
  • A PR Firm to help get sponsorship and mainstream visibility
  • This next event will feature interactive music making using instruments
    made from nature (and MIDI Jamming, thanks to resRocket), in addition to
    VRML World Building. We are planning a very special Earthday Broadcast
    leading up to an interactive jam of light and sound that defies be held at "SigKids" during next summers Siggraph
    Convention in Orlando.

    You are encouraged to support this event and contribute to making this a
    better world. Please contact us with your pledge of participation?

    Peter Rosen
    KidCast Coordinator
    and concerned citizen
    415 776-0821
    a project of
    Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services
    Facilitating the expression of artists...
    ...using technology for Humanity
    Creativity Cafe - http:/
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