Peter H, Rosen's proposal for Multimedia Storytelling:
Personal Expression in the Digital Age...
has been accepted for the
6th Annual Conference Of The
International Education and Resource Networks (I*EARN)

>Date: Tue, 20 Apr 99 
>From: Cristina Guerra 
>To: peter 
>Subject: I Earn Workshop
>Dear Prof. Rosen:
>Hello, from Puerto Rico.
>This message is to let you know that your 
>workshop titled "Multimedia Storytelling:
>Personal Expression in the Digital Age"
>has been accepted to be part of the 6th
>I * Earn Conference.
>As soon as the Equipment Committee meets,
>we will inform you if the resources requested
>are available.
>Cristina Guerra
>Coordinator of the International Program

Proposal Follows

-Name(s)/Country Origin(s) of Presenter(s):
Peter H. Rosen (USA)

-Title of Workshop:
Multimedia Storytelling: Personal Expression in the Digital Age

-Goal/Description of Workshop (approximately one paragraph):

To give students and teachers an opportunity to create a personal movie on VHS or the Web featuring photos, music and home video illustrating peak life experiences. Participants will write and record a narration illustrated by combining source files in Adobe Premiere after using Adobe photoshop, KAI's Photo Soap by Metacreations, and Macromedia Director. This workshop teaches multimedia technology skills to prepare students and teachers for job opportunities in the 21st century.

-Outline of Workshop (approximately one page):

Throughout history, humankind has communicated it's cultural heritage by telling stories and singing songs. In today's digital age, storytelling is not only on an oral art practiced around the kitchen table, but around the world. We pass our vision and ideas from one generation to the next through radio and television, in movie theaters and now in Cyberspace; where everyone can easily (relatively) "talk story" with a global audience.

Participants are asked to bring autobiographical data consisting of family video and audio tapes, photographs and treasured momentos for creating an Electronic Family Album. You will become aquainted with the digital tools, multimedia and computer resources you will need to digitize sound and video from your tapes, your photos and momentos, and to produce a digital movie of your life story you can share on videotape and/or the Internet.

The workshop cuncludes (time permitting), with transferring your Quicktime movie to videotape, and possible presentation of your movie on a big screen in a gala evening event at the conference celebrating you as a certified "digital storyteller."

Workshop OUTLINE:
1. Why tell stories?
2. Analog and Digital Tools for Storytelling: Overview
3. The big picture: The World Wide Web; digital publishing and personal broadcasting
4. Collecting memories, materials and writing a narrative of your peak experiences, ie., school accomplishments, family and friends, marriage, professional awards, personal art and photography, etc.
5. Digitizing materials: sound digitizing and scanning technology instruction; recording of narrative; audio and video techniques.
6. Digitizing materials: video, music
7. Photoshop instruction
8. Director instruction (titles and credits) After Effects instruction (Quicktime Movie production)
9. Production of Quicktime Movies and Transfer to Video
10. Optional web site building and publishing digital movies on the Net
11. Celebration, certificate of completion and showcase of movies

NOTE: If this is to be a hands-on workshop, I suggest a 3 hour least block
of time, minimally. Prerequist is computer experience, Macintosh preferred.
Rather than tell a life story (since time is short), participants can be
asked to use whatever photos/audio/video they have on hand, write a
narrative and just experience the steps and tools rather than expect a
completed piece. This workshop was first given in Graz, Austria: If a 75 minute schedual is mandatory, some adjustment will need to be made. The outline reflects a 6 week course, that I will compact for your conference.

-Connection with the theme of the conference (approximately one paragraph):

This workshop prepares students to participate in "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" a telecommunications activity in which kids meet in videoconferences several times a year (Earth Day is next) to share their heart and ideas, art, animation, web sites, etc. that demonstrate suggestions for improving the planet and its peoples.

-Technology needs (i.e. Computer/LCD, Mac or Windows, Overhead, Video etc...)

Macintosh with video-in and out
Color Scanner
microphone for computer above
video projector
projection screen
Video Camera for recording narrations
Tripod for above
Audio Cassette Machine

10 Macintosh Stations networked to above machine. Students to work in pairs (20 Students Max).

Proposals will be due in March.
Workshop themes from past I*EARN conferences, and in which continued interest has been expressed, include:
- Successful project implementation methodologies in the classroom - I*EARN multi-lingual project work/Dealing effectively with language differences - Embracing multi-culturalism - Professional Development--models for diverse settings - Trends in telecommunication and video-conferencing technology - One computer, one telephone line, yet many projects - Critical balance: high technology development in a world of low technology reality - Creating a sustainable I*EARN National Center - How to find the time for telecommunications in a full teaching day? - I love this work, but how can I get my colleagues interested? - Working with youth in conflict - What support is available from Center Coordinators and the I*EARN Secretariat? - Telecommunications in educational reform - Integrating marginalized groups into educational telecommunications - Making telecommunications affordable

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