Creativity Café
an Edutainment Environment

featured at Children's Interactive Expo

San Francisco's -- Ft. Mason -- Oct. 8-11, 1998

San Francisco (September 2, 1998) Creativity Café® will feature a digital storytelling environment at Children's Interactive Expo, October 8-11th to demonstrate a "New School For The Next Millennium," and the potential for providing broadbased educational opportunities in a friendly neighborhood setting to K-12 students, their parents and teachers. Creativity Cafe is being founded in San Francisco to serve the technophobic public, digerati, kids of all ages...and creative people, especially those using technology for Humanity! Produced by V.A.R.I.O.U.S. (Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services, a 501c3 non-profit), performances and inter-activities for the physical audience will be shared with cyber audiences through several audio and video technologies such as CU-SeeMe used in Creativity Cafe's award winning "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World," project.

Every day, new computer cafes and electronic amusement centers are coming online physically and on Internet's World Wide Web. With the attraction and proliferation of educational games and software, a technophobic and naive public will need "hand holding" to understand the ramifications of the digital revolution will have on their personal lives. Our "Menu" at Children's Interactive Expo, features Creativity Cafe resident teacher/tour guides who will facilitate Educational Entertainment and Digital Storytelling experiences to over 24,000 teachers, kids and their a fun and friendly atmosphere where, "Strangers, are just friends who haven't yet met."

The ramifications of electronic long distance learning and creative collaboration will be featured. "KidCast For Peace" focuses on building self-esteem, improving interpersonal communication skills, creating job skills for the 21st century, facilitating teamwork through electronic cooperative play, and creative problem solving via interactive entertainment for K-12, youth and adult markets. We are giving future leaders a loud voice in shaping the world they will inherit. We are seeking sponsors and supporters; please contact Us!


Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. and Creativity Cafe

  • 1 V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Information
  • 2 Digital Storytelling Instructions - Writing Station
  • 3 Writing Station
  • 4 Video Production - After Effects, Premiere
  • 5 Audio Production - Sound Edit Pro
  • 6 2D Art Creation Station - METACREATIONS
  • 7 3D Art Creation Station - ChromaTEK - METACREATIONS
  • 8 Web Construction and Surfing - Freehand 8, Director
  • 9 VRML World Building, Exploration - CALIGARI
  • 11 Creativity Cafe Take Home Menu
  • 12 "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World"
  • 13 CU-SeeMe (4) - WHITE PINE
  • 14 Arts For Social Change Award-V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Programming and Projection Control
  • 15 Projection Central - for Demo Stage
  • 16 MultiMedia Mastering -
  • 17 Analog Art Creation - Get out your felt tips, photos and home videos
  • 18 Music Education - M.U.S.T.
  • 19 Narration Station - Tell us a love story; or about your favorite________?
  • 20 Digitizing & Scanning, Audio/Video - Your Voice reading your narration
  • 21 Kool Creativity Cafe Merchandise
  • 22 Schedual of Events On Stage
  • 23 Schedual of Events @ Creativity Cafe
  • 24 CyberSpace Activities - CU-SeeMe
  • 25 Video Switching & Special Effects - Infinite C
  • 26 Main Stage Video Projection

    NOTE: Each number represents an 8 foot table. Positions will Change up to last minute

  • Creativity Cafe Creation Stations:


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