Sept 11: A Turning Point For All Humanity

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By peter rosen (Peter) on Wednesday, September 12, 2001 - 10:18 am:

Dear Friend, We at Creativity Cafe express our heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost loved ones and friends in the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. I was in Florida nursing my Dad back to health from a heart attack. I had been on my way to visit my Mother and was diverted to help my Dad. In August I changed my flight to land me in NJ on Sept 11th. Little did I know then that that ticket now marks a day in infamy. I am all the more compelled and stimulated to bring my work in gathering and presenting the art and heart of the lightworkers and heartfelt members of humanity, together to express our highest vision for Humanity at this grievous time. Please consider this an open invitation to give your thoughts on these incomprehensible acts and events. Here are mine: This most challenging act of destruction and war against "civilization" is a desperate attempt to expresses a need for balance -- the forces of nature, of which humankind is but a small part, have sent an awakening call and reminder. America the Powerful can be humbled. Dear Human, we can not rest on our complacency with life; Expecting and Accepting that the way things are, have been...and will continue to be. This is a now blatantly obvious misbelieve. We can no longer exist by the old rules. Our hand is being forced not by the terrorist, and it really doesn't matter who they are. Our hand is being force to rethink life on planet earth, so that rather spend billions on fear-based thinking and "National Security" (failing), we must turn our attention to forgiveness for our brutality against ourselves (denial) and out brothers and sisters on planet Earth. We are a dysfunctional family now loudly crying out for balance. We must find a way to re-tool our thinking. To take care of the hungry and needy, the tormented souls that live in a world where things like this are possible --- because of the nearsightedness of Humankind. I was a graduate of EST, Warner Erhards brutal personal growth seminar. While I fought the ego busting process then, I now speak of the training as one that allowed me to break free from the prison of my beliefs. And so, our world must now "fess up" to all the ways we don't acknowledge our mutual stewardship of Spaceship Earth. EST worked wonderfully to reveal to me how we all thwart our personal power and cause separation. The terrorist acts are damaging in many ways, for sure. But as a Belief Buster, this incident in the annals of human history -- can and will be a liberating experience, abet not one easily accepted. Our natural inclination is to resist change -- unless something outside our "Self Image" forces us to re-examine who we are. This terrorist act, this dark cloud of humanity rearing its ugly head, has penetrated the psyche of America. Terrorism is a force to be dealt with indeed. One must crush the bad seed at all costs you might say? But this is not only a call to arms, but also a call to each of us to rethink our purpose in Service of Humanity. Hey, if the ants can do it so well and keep their community alive for millennia, what about us? This call to arms is not so much about power, but about ideology, freedom and democracy. Lets not forget socialism while we are at it. This ignorant and childish act is a baby demanding attention. Those who negatively mark our way of life as vehemently as Hitler saw reason to snuff out the Jews, causes us to recapitulate the fabric of life on Planet Earth. We must forge ahead in not only technological prowess but in all social interactions and relationships. Buckminster Fuller coined the idea of "Trim Tab Effect". The idea that a small group -- or even one person can affect humanity‚s destiny in as powerful and compelling a way, as whole armed forces of the all the nations. We have had a mistaken security that billion dollar investments -- in armaments and security, is no match for human ingenuity. WRONG! Score one for God (disguised as terrorists)! The fact is Americans‚ view of „what life should be likeš is just as warped as any other nation -- that does not uphold the Spirituality of life -- as clearly as God herself intended (and is reminding us in so rude a fashion). Can you not see the joke of Humanity‚s left hand fighting it's right? Or is that left brain and right brain? Balance is called for in all things. We have been put here by God as a part of nature. Like all of us, the forests, animals that live in them and all living and non living things are inexhonorably related and interdependent. Lets imagine for a moment that we are all connected and are designed to find that middle ground. That equilibrium that all of nature easily and without struggle, finds. Except Humans. Humans have chosen, being sentient creatures, to see each other as separate and different. Natural selection works in most of nature in the most basic and physical ways. With Humans however, we are inventive and self aware enough to have destroyed any natural symbiosis with the rest of Nature. Through the various filters of culture and language differences, Humanity has become a polyglot of the powerful and the „self-serving,š mixed with scapegoats of the economic, technological and educational divides. September 11, will go down as the wake up call for Humanity. Let the creative personality in you, speak loudly through the pages of Creativity Café and our live, interactive community events. Stay tuned! Blessings and Love to you! -Peter- founder Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services copyright 2001

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