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By Anonymous on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 12:24 pm:

From: "Talking Hearts, Tomas & Joan Heartfield"
To: "Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D."
Subject: heartsbenefits
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001

Dear Friends,
We send this to you to check out for yourself, and to pass on to any friends you have anywhere on the mainland or in the world who may wish to become facilitators for Conversations That Matter or Opening To Love Ceremonies.ÊThis will be the first of many trainings, so if this one doesn't work, and you are interested, let us know for future events. Thank you for taking time to look it over. We welcome feedback, so please let us know what you think!
Aloha Blessings , Joan and Tomas

The Heartfield InstituteÊ
Talking Hearts Training Program

Would you like to be involved in an experience based on love, authenticity and innocent playfulnessÊ
that allows you to see your true self and help others see and experience that in themselves?

Where you learn to empower people to see the love inherent within themselves and each other?Ê
Where you meet many wonderful people and learn and grow from the contacts you make?Ê
Where you become an authority on relationship and bring a great service to your community and humanity?Ê
Where your work supports you financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?Ê
If so, read on!Ê

Aloha, dear ones.Ê

This letter has been a long time in the making, and we are thrilled to be able to communicate with you at last about the Talking Hearts (TH) Business Package which includes Conversations That Matter and Opening to Love. This training is also the prelude for those who wish to work with us in the Romancing The Beloved workshops.Ê

For 20 years now, we have been immersed in the process of creating a strong foundation for our work which includes Conversations That Matter (CTM), a singles experience directed toward friendship and intimacy for people who want to make conscious connections and Opening to Love (OTL), a modern ritual that dissolves the blocks to deeper intimacy and opens doors to the refinement of heart and soul connections. We have also developed Romancing the Beloved (RtB), an expansive, nourishing and uplifting workshop that teaches cultivation of the essence and ecstasy of Divine Intimacy for both singles and couples. We write a weekly newspaper column called Talking Hearts (which is available to support our TH facilitators in their area), and are in process of writing several books on relationship and intimacy as well as developing an extensive product line to support both singles and couples in expanding and deepening their relationship skills.Ê

The mission statement of Talking Hearts (the legal name under which we do business) is as follows:Ê
Our parent organization, Arc of Consciousness, has this mission statement:Ê
This will give you a good idea of where we are coming from and what we are committed to.Ê

You have expressed an interest in becoming a facilitator for TH. We have been very successful in bringing CTM and OTL to Maui and to Byron Bay, Australia, and have recently opened groups in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. It is our intention to spread this extremely valuable formula and information to locations throughout the U.S. and around the world. The Talking Hearts program has proved to be one of the most rewarding projects we have ever done spiritually, financially and emotionally. It has provided us with a consistent income stream and a strong presence in the community. We are now at a place where we can officially offer this as a business opportunity to people who are qualified and want to facilitate this work.Ê

Our first TH certification training program is scheduled for February 26 through March 4,2001 on Maui. We have included with this letter a basic introduction to CTM as a business.Ê

The training program (agenda attached) includes reviewing the complete business package and sharing with you our proven formula for success on all levels. We are initially offering the business license, which includes certification training, a full business manual and authorization to operate both CTM and OTL in your area, for $2,500. We do have a financing package available for those who need it.Ê

The registration includes the business license, business manual and certification training. Materials include everything you will need to be up and running CTM groups within two months. The fee does not include your airfare (if applicable), lodging and meals outside the training. Please contact Maui Visions Vacations for assisting you with travel and lodging arrangements.Ê

We have attached the following as part of this offer:

What is Conversations that Matter?
Qualities and Characteristics of TH FacilitatorsÊ
The Benefits of Being a Facilitator?
An outline of the Facilitator Training Program
Training Schedule

If you feel drawn to explore this opportunity in more depth, please contact us at your earliest convenience either by e-mail at tomas&, or by calling us at 808-572-1250. We are excited to be able to offer you this ãground floor opportunity.ä We have a large vision, a strong team and lots of momentum (in addition to unlimited Divine Guidance).Ê
This opportunity includes the possibility of growing with us as our organization expands to bring this valuable technology around the world.Ê

We look forward to hearing from you soon.Ê

Aloha and Blessings,Ê

Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D.Ê


Conversations That Matter (CTM) is a relationship preparedness experience directed toward friendship and intimacy. The group meets every other week for approximately 2 * hours. Meetings are held either in private homes or in comfortable meeting locations.

The groups are open to singles who wish to make and maintain conscious connections and to cultivate the fine Art of Relationship. In CTM, participants learn to appreciate the uniqueness of men and women and their approach to life. They have the opportunity to develop refined communication skills in pleasant group settings. We teach cutting-edge relationship skills so that once in a partnership, people have a strong foundation to make their relationships work.

Once a member of CTM, participants are welcome to come to all CTM and OTL events. As a member in their home location, they also have the benefit of attending CTM groups when traveling away from home to meet new people and to feel connected. The longer- range vision includes larger CTM events such as conferences, conventions and group travel. An extensive web site is being prepared to accommodate the groups and members on the Internet.

Members can join under the following three options:Ê
a. $100 for interview plus $20 tuition per meetingÊ
b. $295 for interview plus six months of unlimited events, $195 for additional six monthsÊ
c. $395 for interview plus one year of unlimited events, $295 for additional yearsÊ
(Some areas may have different pricing structures based on economic demographics.)

Facilitators are personally trained and certified by Dr. Joan and Tomas Heartfield, creators of Conversations That Matter and Opening to Love. . Each facilitator will also have the opportunity to be linked on the Web site to inform others of their unique offerings. Dates, events and locations will be posted on the site ongoingly.

We are committed to supporting everyone in taking their Love and Relationships to the highest level.Ê

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1. This is an experience based on love, authenticity and innocent playfulness that allows you to see your true self and help others see and experience that in themselves.Ê
2. You ongoingly learn, practice and refine beneficial life skills that enhance your life exponentially in all areas.Ê
3. You learn to empower people to see the love inherent within themselves and each other.Ê
4. You teach what healthy relationship is, which increases the opportunities of having it for yourself and those you come into contact with.Ê
5. Your ability to communicate from your core effectively with ease and impact is enriched and enhanced.Ê
6. You are brought into contact with a wide range of population from many walks of life.Ê
7. You meet many wonderful people and learn and grow from the contacts you make.Ê
8. You increase your network and potential client base for other activities.Ê
9. You are a supporter of life-enhancing experiences for singles and for the newly emerging couples that come from the groups.Ê
10. You have the satisfaction of witnessing the extraordinary growth and heart opening of those in the group.Ê
11. You and the community are continually blessed by the connections that participants make in and as a result from being in the group.Ê
12. You model a modality of interaction that demonstrates a high quality of communication and awareness.Ê
13. You learn to identify and manage subtle levels of energy.Ê
14. You are inspired to continue to keep your own heart open as you model this for others.Ê
15. You learn a practice of refined, heart-centered awareness.Ê
16. You become an authority on relationship.Ê
17. You bring a great service to your community and humanity.Ê
18. You have increased stature and prestige in the community.Ê
19. You network with other CTM facilitators, linking with a like-minded and like-hearted people.Ê
20. You receive ongoing training in state-of-the-art relationship technologies.Ê
21. You join the Talking Hearts family.Ê
22. You are on the leading edge of evolving relationship consciousness.Ê
23. You have ongoing opportunities to bring your experience, wisdom and unique gifts both to your group(s) and to Talking Hearts.Ê
24. You are engaged and involved in a BIG vision that supports everyone.Ê
25. You enjoy you work and your work supports you financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Ê
26. Operating from this energetic is a magnet for everything good to come into your life.Ê
27. You smile more often.Ê
28. You love more fully.Ê

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Ideally has an M.A. or Ph.D. in counseling, social work or equivalent experience running groups. Resonates with and values spirit-based consciousness.

Has an excellent reputation in the community.

Has business acumen. Is computer literate (or willing to become so) with e-mail, printer and interfaces with a Windows-based operational system.

Is intelligent, personable and confident.

Has a good physical presentation and communicates well.

Is already connected in the community or is able to connect easily with others.

Appreciates and sees the value of Conversations That Matter.Ê
Has time and energy available to commit to Conversations That Matter.

Loves people and sees the value in having good relationships.

Has high integrity.

Is independent and willing to be a team player.

Enjoys life and wants others to enjoy life, too!

Has time and energy available to commit to Conversations That Matter and Opening to Love.

Feels drawn to participate in this work.Ê

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Training Program for Conversations That MatterÊ
Heartfield Path Certification
How to Make Everything In Your Life Work

This is more than a business. It is a dharma. We create experiences that bring people together for friendship and intimacy so we can bring more love into our lives and into the world.

1. Confidence, Charisma, PresentationÊ
A. How to present yourself in a way that makes people want what you have.Ê
B. Quality of Energy. Recognize what you are giving out and adjust for each individual andÊ
each situation. Recognize when to pull back and when to move closer.Ê
C. Adjust your energy.Ê
a. How to get your energy moving.Ê
b. Creating good energy.Ê
c. Tune into heart energy through Heart MathÊ
d. Release excess energy and suck in needed energy.Ê
D. Communication SkillsÊ
a. Non-defensive communicationÊ
b. Active ListeningÊ
E. What turns people on and off.Ê
F. Closing.Ê
2. OrganizationÊ
A. Integrity. Play by the rules.Ê
B Use the system to support you.Ê
C. Business forms, formulas and financialsÊ
D. Computer skills and trainingÊ
E. Finding the perfect location and setting it upÊ
3. MarketingÊ
A. AdvertisingÊ
B. Getting people to the meetingsÊ
a. e-mailsÊ
b. phone callsÊ
c. share, share, share·output equals inputÊ
4. Specific Skills for CTMÊ
A. Phone presentationÊ
B. Relationship Attunement InterviewÊ
C. Running the meetingsÊ
5. Acknowledge and work with SourceÊ
A. PrayerÊ
B. DecreesÊ
D. TithingÊ
E. Feng Shui your space for successÊ

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Certification Training : Level 1
Talking Heart Facilitator for Conversations That Matter
Feb. 26-Mar.4th Monday thru Sunday

Tuition: $2500Ê
Course Schedule: 4 hours in the morning 10am-2pm , afternoons free, 2 hour evening sessions 7-9pm includes Conversations That Matter business package, Heartfield Path Relationship Training,
Geographic Territories for C.T.M. and connection w/Talking Hearts Organization and Support.
Lunches providedÊ
Mar. 1st Thurs. night : Conversations That Matter Public Event , opportunity to observe and participate and Sat. Mar. 3rd, Opening to Love Ceremony , observe and participate
Sun. Mar. 4th Completion, one morning session 10-2.

Tomas & Joan Heartfield Ph.D. are the creators of Conversations That Matter, Maui's extremely popular forum for conscious singles, Opening To Love Ceremonies and Romancing The Beloved week-end.
They have training programs available for those wishing to facilitate their work. They offer individual and couples relationship counseling and intensives and write a weekly Talking Hearts column (also on e-mail) on relationship issues. They take groups to Sacred Sites for high ritual. Their work supports spiritual integration, sacred intentioning and a realistic approach to life to activate the highest integration of spirit that can be felt and manifested. They demonstrate a genuinely playful approach to intimacy, sexuality and a creative communication style that transcends technique. Their workshops and ceremonies have awakened thousands to the truth of love. Joan & Tomas are transmitters of a quality of energy that sets the stage for magic to happen.

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