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By Anonymous on Wednesday, August 08, 2001 - 01:16 pm:

Computer Graphics and Social Change Get ready to live life at an even more accelerated pace. This is the result of two shifts on planet earth... The reawakening of Spirituality and Creativity and secondly, the technology revolution/evolution brought on by advances in computers and computer graphics. Secretly (and not so) these forces are changing our world faster than at any other time in existence -- except for the explosive and primal planet forming moments. What effect will this have on society as we know it? What are the tools that are empowering our Creativity and fueling Science? Siggraph has the answers. Siggraph, a sub group for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is the surviving representative of all aspects of computing as it relates to GRAPHics (NCGA faded out in the mid 80s). Therefore ACM's Special Interest Group (SIG) on GRAPHics is SIGGRAPH. The WWW and Wireless Communicators will speed our thoughts, imaginations and "preconceived conditioning" to associates far and wide. But when we get sick of comericalism for its own sake, then what? I'll tell you. This year in some parts of the world -- and within two years everywhere else, you will be able to carry one handheld device to watch video, listen to CD quality audio, do your e-mail, enjoy streaming media, explore virtual reality environments (no goggles) and MOO's (Internet virtual game playing spaces). You will be able to capture (and transmit) your experience via a built-in still and video camera, compose and record your music on built-in audio recorder/mixer and hook into your MIDI instruments...anywhere you happen to be -- whenever the creative urge strikes you! How will a little cramped screen on your hand-held enable you to do all that? Not! The built-in LED driven DMD projector (Digital Mirror Device from Texas Instruments) will blast the image through a built in lens system onto a nearby wall or screen that you unroll. The material will stretch to fit the edges of the collapsible frame and extend the monitor in to your hand-held device. Stores you pass will reach out to you and call your attention to special sales -- catered to each individual on the spot thanks to GPS ( the Global Positioning System) and Bluetooth technology that looms on the horizon. We are talking about a communication device, no longer sporting "iffy" at best reception and transmission that depends on system and location. High bandwidth and quality will become a given for all such instruments of "thought processing." It is predicted that one in 6 worldwide will carry one of these high bandwidth instant communicators within the next five years. We are already beginning to see the trends. Right now, eCommereceis being shoved from every direction at the consumer. We are being manipulated at every turn to buy, buy, buy! Media rules! Our minds mirror what we are exposed to on TV, on other impressive media like feature films and now the Internet where you and I control the audio and video, no longer only the powerful and rich. The creative personality now has the ability to affect the masses that only a few years ago, was the sole domain of corporation. Producing compelling media is now in the hand of everyone (potentially) and little or no cost thanks to companies like SONY, Motorola, DELL, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, etc. Thanks to them we live in a world of captured (and instantly communicateable) experiences. We have amassed warehouses of information documenting our personal journey on audio and videotape. We now can share CD images and video dating back to when we were born. I believe there is something to be learned from the sharing of these documents in a public and interactive setting. Where the sonic and visual image archives can spark stories and discussion about issues and experiences that touch us all. The fabric of the world as we have known it is breaking down; physically, ecologically and governmentally/politically. There is an resurgence of affluence in the dot com generation unequalled only by the unparralled empowerment given by global communications. The effects of this liberation of sorts can be measured only by the creativity it unlocks. Set the Scene, Todays world: What does SIGGRAPH have to do with Creativity? Everything! To the twenty first century creative person, SIGGRAPH is the place to discover the latest advances in technology for visualization, animation, observation, and communication. But there is a deeper story here. That is why the focus of this article is not on the hardware or software itself, but on how we will be empowered as both the creative computer user, and the technophobe. In several days, this writer will be attending SIGGRAPH, the premiere conference on computer graphics to discover companies and products that will enable us to make more money doing what we love, that will help us heal our bodies and minds, and that will have an impact on making a personal and planetary difference in a explosively changing world. As always at Creativity Cafˇ, our reason for being is to empower the creative person (everyone) and creative personality (artists, performers, etc.) with resources for expression, collaboration, education, healing, and marketing/distribution of talent and its products. The schism of those who are tracked and controlled, manipulated by media into submission to the norm will widen as the empowered creators begin to use desktop tools to portray a world that works for everyone. As more and more great synthesisers, problem solvers, compassionate world servers and wealthy "spiritualized" baby boomers, meet, collect and collaborate in virtual and real places, the iunfolding world will begin to shift out of the control of those whose will is to dominate, rather than liberate our creative spirits. These words cost very little to transmit to the over three thousand people a day that pass through Creativity Cafes portals. Anyone can post at no charge, a web page expressing their point of view. What is interesting is that the WWW is enabling those widely dispersed in time, location, age, background to discover their similarities and to form communities. Computer graphic technology is advancing solutions to our quest for new modalities of healing, communication, and realization of Humanities true potential. I am reminded of the success of other societies (ants, bees, dolphins) who are able to work collaboratively to the betterment of all members. What technology? You can count on creative software and hardware always getting cheaper and faster, more powerful and productive. However, unless a person has the ability to spend considerable hours in learning curves, to what use will these new creative tools be? Let's explore the technology and latest developments coming out of the R &D labs as it relates to evolutionary and societial trends in our rapidly unfolding world. We are experiencing the breakdown of systems and organizations based on archaic assumptions of how life is meant to be lived, while at the same time, we are experiencing the convergence of a world waking up to uncharted waters of new knowledge about physical systems and human health, and new forms of collaborative art, all thanks to computer graphics. Who uses it why For the first time in the evolution of our species, the proletariat is just as powerful at creating compelling images from which society can model its behavior and strivings. The animator can post to the Internet a modeled reality for us to emulate. Multimedia creators everywhere now are using animation, video and audio to commicate to a demographic larger that all the TV networks combined. This will ultimately precipitate into two camps, those who don't want social change and those wanting to accelerate it. What does computer graphics have to do with social change you might ask? Everything! The new image creators are the baby boomers, the spiritualized, acidified, marijuana smoking, meditating, path of self realization transcendent beings now coming into power...through the use of computer graphics and the WWW. Within a few short years you will be walking around with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) that will connect you wirelessly and instantly with your beloved, friends, co-workers using WAP (Wireless Access Protocol). The most powerful and compelling force of change (outside of our own conscious use of will) can be found in computer graphics. Artists' stories and renderings on TV and the movies portray realities that the masses absorb and emulate! Realities that until now, only exist in the mind of the creative person able to master the complex issues of digital animation, video and sound production and editing. More people than ever are going from not having a clue about programming their VCR clocks, to dealing with the rapidly unfolding world of digital communications, and desktop movie making software. In the past, only the minds eye could behold the wildness of our imaginations. Most people have no intimate knowledge of bits and bytes, RAM and ROM, nor do most of us care. Yet, to derive true benefit from todays developing technologies such as virtual reality displays without headsets, networked CAVE environments for interactive learning and health care, and the age of wireless personal communication "imagineering" devices ( laptop movie and music editing and creation studios) to make anything we can conceive communicatable and visible to others. What affects Negative Until now we have been sold a distorted version of "reality" on TV and the movies. The availability of desktop production studios is changing that. Television, once the major manipulation device of Madison Avenue is giving way to eCommerece and the basterdization of the World Wide Web. The charade and masquerade of this "reality" will deepen as people never leave the house without their "public face" -- literally a mask and other costuming to protect their true identity. Cop Car Cameras will scan under algorithmic control for one-handed drivers with cell phones to their ears. But let me be not to harsh....for what could be positioned as our bane, is in actuality our boon. Your direct to satellite communications pod will "store" your money thanks to companies like Motorola. Face recognition software plugged into micro video cameras in public places is already analyzing the walking streams of pedestrians; looking for sex offenders, felons, criminals...and tax evaders. We are extorted by the gloification of gore, fear and the broadening digital divide....and economic divide. We are convinced to follow someone else's lead even when our inner voice is compelled to contimplate our need for something different, a different way of seeing and of being. That is where this great revolution of technology and the artist that is empowered by it shines. Once the domain of the wealthy and empowered corporations and those lucky enough to work for them, we are now able to enjoy the creative liberation once afforded to the rich, on a $3500 workstation with about another $5000 investment in software. So for a little under $10,000 creative people everywhere are visualizing their dreams, creating animation and imagery for public presentation and global distribution that was only a short time ago available to the rich and powerful. The ramafications of this are twofold....from the Creators point of view and the experiencers point of view. I would like to focus of the experiencers point of view. We the masses mired in mystery of the process; manipulated by the powerfully suggestive images of what to look like, what to buy, what to eat, compelled to look at the uglier side of life presented by 90% of the worlds media that focuses mostly on our challenges and fuck ups. Parenting, school, religious studies, drug experiences, meditation and mentoring all play a part in conditioning our inner environment...fertile ground for living authentically - according to ones heart. But do we listen to our inner callings? I dare say NOT! We listen to the conditioning of the aforementioned growing process of our "Earthly life cycle". What affects Positive Thanks to the Internet, the many-faceted multiplicity of overlapping realities are beginning to expand beyond the programming and mindset control of the TV networks and the printed word. Now autonomously empowered by the internet, diverse masses of people with niche interests are finding each other more effortlessly than ever before. We are gathering in virtual and real spaces exchanging our music and our idea thanks to computers and inexpensive animation and computer graphics software. This furtile collaboration and networking ground is having the effect of superceding governmental and religious control and restrictions on expressive and creative freedoms. We are at the verge of a great renaisannance of creativity that these new tools will unleash. Think about it... where else do we get glimpses of what life could be like? As more and more people discover members of their Karass ( a group aligned in a specific task or interest on behalf of the unfoldment of humanity and our world), places like Creativity Cafˇ; a networking salon where Cyber meets physical and where new media is created, displayed and merchandised by audience members enjoying each others art, talent, vision, and who are aligned in the purpose of world (and local community) service using art and technology.

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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 1
From: CYNETart
Organization: international festival for computer-based art dresden
Subject: info CYNETart 2001 - competition for computer-based art

International Competition/Festival for computer-based art and
interdisciplinary media projects Dresden

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CYNETart award 2001
deadline 30/4/2001
Fields: audio processing, internet, interactive CD-ROM, computer
computer animation, and computer-based
CYNETart forum 2001: " I N T E R F A C E S "
Promoter of the CYNETart is the county capital of Dresden, cultural

all informations, regulations and submission form

contact: dorothea kupsch (coordination)
tel. +49-351-3400673
fax +49-351-3400033

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001
From: Ars Electronica Center
Subject: Ars Electronica 2001 - 1st Announcement

Ars Electronica 2001
September 1 - 6, 2001
Linz, Austria

Ars Electronica 2001 - 1st Announcement


1.1 Prix Ars Electronica 2001

1.2 NET VISION / NET EXCELLENCE - A new concept for the Net category 2001

1.3 Prix Ars Electronica 2001 - Jury

1.4 Prix Ars Electronica 2001 - Organization & Contact

You are reading the first issue of the Ars Electronica 2001 newsletter,
focusing on this year's Prix Ars Electronica competition categories, Jury
members and registration modalities.

You will find a German version of this announcement at

1.1 Prix Ars Electronica 2001

The Prix Ars Electronica 2001 marks the 15th edition of the competition for
cyberarts, which is organized by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
(ORF), Upper Austrian Regional Studio, in conjunction with the Ars
Electronica Festival. From the start, the Prix Ars Electronica has been
conceived as an open platform for various disciplines in the field of
digital media design at the intersection of technology, art, science and
society. Accordingly, over the course of the years, it has repeatedly been
renewed, in order to be able to take the rapid developments in the realm of
information technologies into account.

The Prix Ars Electronica 2001 is announced internationally for the
categories of Net Vision / Net Excellence, Interactive Art, Digital Musics,
Computer Animation/Visual Effects. In addition, there is also a competition
category for young people under the age of 19 in Austria: Cybergeneration -
u19 freestyle computing. The international juries will award 6 x 3 money
prizes and 6x up to 12 Honorary Mentions.

The total prize money for the Prix Ars Electronica 2001 amounts to Euro
100.000 (US$ 89,700). Selected works of all categories will be presented to
the public in the exhibition Cyberarts 2001 at the O.K Center for
Contemporary Art during the Ars Electronica Festival.

You will find detailed information on each category, the names of the Jury
members, the competition regulations and all information you need to
register online under:

Deadline for entries is April 7, 2001 (postmarked)!

Please send your complete submission on time to
ORF/ Prix Ars Electronica 2001
Europaplatz 3
A-4021 Linz (Austria)

Online Registration:

If you need further information please contact:

1.2 NET VISION / NET EXCELLENCE - A new concept for the Net category 2001

This year, the Prix Ars Electronica recognizes to an even greater extent
the central significance of the Internet, by opening up the competition
category Net, launched in 1995, to the whole range of current developments
and trends on the net. For the first time, two Golden Nicas and four Awards
of Distinction will be awarded for outstanding cultural impact on the
Internet. NET VISION distinguishes projects that are striking in their
anticipative and innovative way of dealing with the online medium. NET
EXCELLENCE distinguishes projects that are compelling because of the
originality of their content and creative use of state-of-the-art
applications. The prizes and the prize money will be doubled, amounting to
approximately 40.000 Euros (US-$ 35,880.)

Along with the redefinition of the Internet category, a nominating
committee, comprised of a worldwide network of experts and Internet
professionals, will be established. These experts represent the different
fields of activity covered by the new category: Arts & Culture, Politics,
Society, Business & Economy, Entertainment, Media, Technology, Science.
Each of these fields of activity is subdivided into narrower thematic

You can find a complete list of the nominating committee and the thematic
fields under:

1.3 Prix Ars Electronica 2001 - Jury

In each category, all entries are judged by an international jury. Chairman
of the jury as a whole (without a vote): Dr. Hannes Leopoldseder, ORF
Information Director whose original idea led to the initiation of the Prix
Ars Electronica in 1987.

Net Vision / Net Excellence//
Solveig Godeluck, France; NN; Phillip Torrone, USA; Tanja
Diezmann, Germany; Tina Cassani & Bruno Beusch, France

Interactive Art //
Masaki Fujihata, Japan; Peter Higgins, GB; Hiroshi Ishii, USA; Nathalie
Jeremijenko, USA (to be confirmed); Joachim Sauter, Germany

Computer Animations / Visual Effects //
Christophe Héry, USA; Barbara Robertson, USA; Paddy Eason, GB; Rick Sayre,
USA; Christian Volckman, France

Digital Musics //
Ned Bouhalassa, Canada; NN; Tony Herrington, GB;
Naut Humon, USA; Kaffe Matthews, GB

Cybergeneration - u19 freestyle computing //
Horst HÃrtner, Ars Electronica Center; Sirikit Amann, Ãks; Robert
PÃcksteiner, ORF Zentrum; Florian Hecker, Mego; etoy.agent

1.4 Prix Ars Electronica 2001 - Organization & Contact

ORF Upper Austrian Regional Studio
Europaplatz 3
4021 Linz
Tel +43(0)732/6900-24267
Fax +43(0)732/6900-24270

General Coordinator:
Christine SchÃpf
Tel +43/(0)732/ 6900-24218
Fax +43/(0)732/ 6900-24270

Judith Raab
Gabriele Strutzenberger
Tel. ++43/(0)732/ 6900-24267, 24227
Fax ++43/(0)732/ 6900-24270


The next announcement update will appear on March 31. The focus will be the
festival theme. A brief summary of the first statement by Gerfried Stocker
and Christine Schoepf, artistic directors of Ars Electronica will provide
you a first overview of the various aspects to be addressed during the


Ars Electronica 2001

Organization: Ars Electronica Center Linz and ORF - Upper Austrian Regional
Co-organizers: Brucknerhaus Linz, O.K. - Center for Contemporary Art

Sponsors of Ars Electronica 2001:
Compaq Oesterreich GesmbH, Gericom, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft,
Oesterreichische Brauunion, Oracle, Quelle, SGI, Siemens AG, jet2web
Telekom Austria AG

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A good place to post notice to our community.... We are now receiving over 3000 hits a day!

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