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Here is where we can discuss the evolution of art and technology for a better world, as focused, optimized and harnessed by denizens of Creativity Cafe's as a social mechanism for change and global community upliftment, empowerment, transformation, inspiration, and educational entertainment that will solve problems in communities and the for the individuals that make them up. A network of Creativity Cafe's will channel the creativity of people all over the world to harness their gifts, vision, heart, and passion for helping Earth and Earthlings through their transformation toward intercultural cooperation, abundance, health and shelter for all global citizens, and of course the bringing of Peace on Earth. Please join this list and effort to make it better for creative people and our world at large.

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  1. Need a New Home? Art Center for Creative Community Collaboration Now Forming
    Sent May 19th 2009

    We thought you might know someone who would appreciate this, please pass it on: -CCafe- Begin forwarded message: From: PARK19艺术空间 Date: February 2, 2009 11:06:52 PM HST To: Subject: Invitation from PARK19 In...

  2. [Creativity Cafe] Entry: Please Vote: Institute of Noetic Sciences "One Minute Shift Video" Competition
    Sent March 15th 2008

    Aloha, Please vote for my video posted to: entitled: "Creativity Cafe: Edutainment Venue, Mentor Broadcast Center," enter in their competition: Begin forwarded message: From: Pi Date: March...

  3. [Creativity Cafe] Money Available for your Projects
    Sent February 21st 2008

    (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.) __ Aloha, We will be responding to this RFP with deadline on March 1. Want a piece of $4MIL ? Motorola is funding a charter school in Chica...

  4. [Creativity Cafe] Planting Seeds Again
    Sent November 12th 2007

    Greetings and Aloha, I am happy to report I have just secured the domain name CCafe-LA to prepare for next years "soft" opening of our first permanent venue. Do you feel drawn to be part of the inaugural energies? Please let us know how you want to parti...

  5. Creativity Cafe: New School for the New Millennium Message
    Sent July 6th 2007

    Creativity Cafe: New School for the New Millennium Message *Dear Friends of the Earth*, Please join us in support of Al Gore's work and concert this weekend in a special KidCast for Peace --- For ADULTS! and as always, for kids of all ages! Please make...


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