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Date: March 15th 2008


Please vote for my video posted to:


entitled: "Creativity Cafe: Edutainment Venue, Mentor Broadcast Center," entered in their competition:

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From: Pi <>
Date: March 11, 2008
Subject: One Minute Shift Video Contest!

Dudes! Here's your chance to refine your elevator pitch (or video iPhone/iPod pitch). Check this out...


New CONTEST - One Minute Shift

Deadline March 15th 2008 at midnight.

IF you have one minute to share your thoughts about how to make a positive change in the world and inspire others to do so, what would it be? You might demonstrate a key part of the solution, a change in consciousness or perspective or something that inspires us for the journey.

If you had a single minute to share the single most important message you have with the world, what would it be? And can you make that message entertaining enough to create a shift in others?

The Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action program is offering $1,000 for the best "One Minute Shift" video!

Contest opens January 25, 2008 and closes March 15, 2008.

Create from your own original images, original music, original video and creativity... a one minute video (give or take a few seconds) that inspires, educates, illuminates or just tells a story about how the world is shifting in a positive way.

You may want to watch some of the One Minute Shifts on YouTube created by our Shift in Action team for inspiration and the winning videos from our first contest. You can see all of the One Minute Shifts at:

Grand prize winner and runners up will also receive a Shift in Action membership for one year, email promotion of their video sent to 35,000 people and the selected videos will be showcased on http://www.OneMinuteShift.com

Simply post your One Minute Shift to this group and a panel of judges will select a winner in March!

Submission in this contest is your consent and agreement to have your video showcased on www.oneminuteshift.com as a winner or a runner-up and utilized by IONS in any media in perpetuity. You agree that all of the material in your video is original and not copyrighted by anyone other than yourself unless you have written permission. You retain all ownership to your video.

Once you have uploaded your one-minute video to YouTube.com and it is available for public view then go here to link it to us:


Good luck!

------------------------- end fwd -------------------------

Thanks for voting for my video and our CyberTheater of the Future, a place to harness the great heart and creative force of this world and apply it locally for the good of the community and our world at large. With the help of all those contributing to the WWW, we are birthing a new TV show, perhaps to be called, "As The World Returns" to harmony, happines, health and peace.

Aloha and Blessings,
Peter Rosen

[Creativity Cafe Coordinator]

may god speed you on your way, and perhaps with good fortune, within a Creativity Cafe: Networking Center for the New Stewards of Spaceship Earth

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