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Date: April 22nd 2005

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Greetings Dear V.A.R.I.O.U..S. Friends of the Earth, Art and Technology,

We had our most successful KidCast for Peace to date this morning! I am getting ready to catch a plane to our next KidCast for Peace location at the How Weird Festival, on May 1st in SF. It's a second chance for you to participate if you missed this mornings' event.

I pulled up to Maui Individualize Learning Center (MILC) just before 8am, as Marsha Lash, KidCast Coordinator for the school, was arriving. Richard Marx recorded everything on Video (and what an excellent job he did) as Marsha and I rushed to set up our respective computers (both Apple laptops) and log on to the iVisit School Network Server; hosting our Video conference (IAO kids were already their and waiting thanks to Richard Tadaki the school's Tech. Coordinator).

Once connected, the IAO School Peace Team was already there in the KidCast for Peace video Chat Room ready to interact. Soon MILC kids began to come into the classroom, just around the same time Colene Riffo and kids from Lakeview Charter School in Santa Clarita California showed up in the video conference. The IAO kids art was stunning, partially because they have an inspired teacher in Leiohu Ryder who worked with them to make art for the Season for Peace and Nonviolence.

Educator Marcelo Cozzare in Brazil was first online, followed later by Frieda Goffry in Belgium. A young person from Holland showed up and at one point there were 8 of us online together counting our V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media associate Theo Levene, in New York, who was such a life saver! He was the other end at almost all the iVisit tests helping to make sure the flow of images and movies, text chat and web pages, as well as direct dialogue between the nodes was not going to be crippled by technology issues. Of course, technology will have its way and it did. We still have a ways to go. But for free off the shelf anyone can play software, it was a stunning success! IVisit Rocks!

In a few days, I will be editing the video documentation, and the frame grabs of the video conference and post it on the web. Unfortunately, only one of the other nodes present (Cozzare) was able to post images or video on a web site for our project as requested. Colene did manage to share a short video in the little iVisit window, but there was no sound. A young man called Dragan had recorded some children in Southern California who'd written and sang a ecological rap tune... He was the first to offer a solution for this year's event and we congratulate him for his excellent submission. Please visit our gallery of solutions to find the link to his work:


and to hear it.

Eventually, when the KidCast Coordinators at the other nodes are able to mount the art work on the Web their students created for this project, you will be able to have a look and listen by following the links in this years SOLUTION COORDINATION CENTER:


Everyone, even after the fact, is invited to post their links to KidCast For Peace art, and "SOLUTIONS" suggesting what we can do for a change that will evolve us toward inner (one's mind) and outer (Earth and its peoples) Peace and ecological sanity.

We thank all our sponsors who have enabled this year's KidCast for Peace:


and Daryl Wise who helped with the press release. If your name is not yet in the sponsor and supporter list, it will be soon. There is only so much one man can do!

Part of the reason I am flying to California today, is to present Creativity Cafe Concepts and an experience of our Interactive Theater of the Future to some folks interested enough to pay for my airfare and learn first hand, why a network of Creativity Cafe's needs to exist in these critical times of change and evolution.

We thank the children who participated in helping to shape their world via their participation in this opportunity to have a say. Please let your friends and associates know we are doing it again on May 1, for kids of ANY AGE. So get out your little kid-self and make some art with your solution... Then follow the instructions (1, 2, and/or 3) in KidCast Central: http://creativity.net/KidCast/ and join us in the video conference.

Remember to think loving thoughts for your self, family, friends and our world. May your actions always be filled with PRONOIA in mind and love in your heart.

A Hui Ho!

In Service, Peace and Love,
Peter H. Rosen
KidCast Coordinator

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