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Date: April 18th 2005

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On Apr 18, 2005, at 2:59 AM, Frieda Groffy wrote:

 hi Peter this is the mail I have been sending to Ivisit today
-------Original Message-------
From: Frieda Groffy
Date: 04/18/05 14:57:07
To: goliath@IVIsit.com
Subject: Kidcast for Peace-Belgium
Hi- I'm Frieda Groffy and I'm coördinating and producing the video we are making in Belgium with a Worldclass for refugee children based in a Community School in Sint Niklaas /Belgium-
what exactly have we to do to get our free accounts- the video will be finished within 2 day's from now- the time zone for Belgium I think there is a difference of 11 to 12 hours-to Hawaii- Greenwich Time I think- so we propably start sending it between 21 to 23 h. pm-
hope to hear from you-

Aloha Frieda,

I want to alert you to the fact that what we really want to do, is to hear from those who've made the film, about their thoughts and feelings? How long is your video? Are you posting it on a web site as requested? It is possible to play it live (using a video camera connected to the computer running iVisit) to those gathered, but no more than 2 or 3 minutes please (attention span issues). We don't want to monopolize and prevent audience interaction with those who made your film. Its really best to put the film somewhere on the web so people can watch it anytime, while keeping free the iVisit KidCast for Peace chat room channel for our LIVE interaction and communication.

I realize it will be late at night (about 8-10pm) when our KidCast for Peace gathering takes place in Belgium.... Will you be able to have some of those who made your film available to answer questions and receive feedback from those gathered?

We would like to give those gathered, an opportunity to see the work BEFORE we connect on Friday, which is why we ask that the SUBMISSION of SOLUTIONS take place BEFORE the actual KidCast for Peace. Is it possible for you to post your film (at Archive.org or somewhere like it) so to make it most widely available?

Can you then POST THE URL in Creativity Cafe's COMMUNITY FORUM where the KidCast SOLUTION REPOSITORY (see previous email) has been created to receive the URLs TO WHERE SUBMISSIONS ARE POSTED?

I know you must be making magic happen to bring this all together before Friday. We are looking forward to having your input and sharings. I am just realizing that since it is so late in the day for you, that it would be advisable for those participants who, because of time zones, are in darkness at our start time of 18:00:00 GMT should be the FIRST TO PRESENT.... That would make ISRAEL first up, followed by BELGIUM, then NYC, then California, then HAWAII children presenting their SOLUTIONS. I hope this makes sense to everyone?

If you get your ivisit (lite) to test with today (download it yourself), then when Goliath sends you the school account, you will have had some practice with the software (use the ivisit helpers to assist with set up and problems). I admire you for taking on the challenge of making your film ready for viewing by our international audience, learning the iVisit software and being part of this years KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World. Much love and gratitude to you!

Blessings and Peace,

Peter H. Rosen
Founder and Director
Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services
  (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media, 501c3)
• Creativity Cafe;  New School for the New Millennium
• KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World
• V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; The Artists Showcase and Networking Event
http://creativity.net/ and http://creativity.com/

Using Art and Technology for Humanity


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