Proposal for IMPLIMENTATION of a Creativity Cafe Digital Storytelling Environment in your community interaction/learning/teaching facility or as a stand-alone program/installation. "CREATIVITY CAMP" activites will initially be coordinated by Peter Rosen until members of the community can take over.

Suggested CAMP Period: ANY TWO MONTHS and possibly beyond. Trade show and short run production information is also available.

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"Creativity Cafe"® and "Creativity Camp" are projects of
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Membership in Creativity Cafe's Creativity Club at YourSchool or AnySpace in AnyTown AnyWhere

(we could impliment some kind of membership card depending on strategic alliances, i.e. barcode card, chip card, smart card, plain paper membership card). Card holder will get certain global privilages to be discussed.

Product#2 (would include product #1): Creativity Cafe CREATIVITY CAMP - The subject of this proposal

Product#3 Evening Networking/Disco Dance event mentioned in financials. Focus is on product #2.


Students and their parents interested in a program to gift to their kids. (A detailed list of benefits can be found at:
Creative people wanting to learn new tools and express themselves.


Send your kid to Creativity Camp! A safe space (and after school experience) that teaches job skills needed for today's global and interactive world...while having a blast! Creativity Cafe's environment is exciting, inspirational and fun! We guarantee your child (or you) will enjoy making movies featuring friends, family and/or fantasy. Students will build a personal web site to commemorate their experience. Make new friends, forge creative alliances!

Come have an afternoon latte or natural juice drink and discover the new world of global community while your child gets in touch with his/her creative self. Of course, you are welcome to enroll as well! We are after all, all children learning to communicate more clearly and with the latest communication tools, both metal based and human based (like NVC). Creativity Cafe's Creativity Club will liberate your creative affiliated clubs globally. Membership has its privlidges!

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime. About $2 a day will give you or your child an experience they will never forget, and a "skill set" that will feed them forever! CONTACT US to enroll or inquire?


Membership in Creativity Cafe's Creativity Camp includes a creativity lab with analog and digital storytelling tools. An afterschool hang out (2-6pm) with the following facility:

  • Education in traditional cell animation and color cycle animation techniques (using Director)

  • How to make a video

  • Professional sound recording techniques

  • How to create stop motion animation (videoCam must have frame advance, interval timer, digital effects)

  • How to composite live action with digital animation (via blue screen and digitized video in Premiere)

  • How to digitize pictures, audio and video

  • How to merge your sound, stills and video and make a movie

  • Access the Creativity Library: manuals, articles, magazines on digital creativity, marketing your talent, etc.

  • How to create interactive experiences (using Director) for making games, CD-ROMS and performance art

  • Create a CD-ROM with your latest creative works to share with your friends (optional).

  • Learn how to create a professional presentation for potential employers

  • Learn the skills of today's job market while having a blast!

  • Invitations to Industry parties

  • Discounts on Creativity Cafe and affiliate products and services

  • Participation in our V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artists Showcase and Network gatherings on Networking Nights

  • Internet access and education, complimentary Web page, email account and listing in Creativity Cafe's resource directory (in development).

  • Other privilages of membership with cooperating affiliates.

  • At the end of Creativity Camp's 2 month membership ($300), you can renew and get a year's membership for only $200. This will allow you to continue to use the lab at priviliged rates (subject to space availability) and recieve associated club benefits.

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    CREATIVITY CAMP Digital StoryTelling Studio Experiment:
    Activation of YOUR SPACE as a Creativity Cafe Creativity Camp

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