Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Act of God and Stupidity Results in Sudden Tragedy

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I met with considerable hardship today. Its Friday July 26th 2007...
not even the 13th.

I was at the bank making sure I have sufficient funds for my
impending voyage of two months to go to SIGGRAPH, do business in LA
and NY, visit Dad and relatives in Florida, before visiting my mom
for her 88th birthday in New Jersey.

My Canon Digital Rebel still camera was slung over my shoulder when I
went into the bank to fill out a deposit slip, before going back
outside to use the ATM.

I had set the camera up on the counter above the work/writing area.
"hmmmm," I thought, "I'd better not forget this;" probably
programming the mistake that cost me big time!

I finished making out the deposit slip and went outside, used the ATM
and on the way to Longs, ran into an old friend. She needed a ride
home, my conversation with her further distanced me from not
realizing the camera was no longer hanging off my shoulder.

Sure enough the concepts revealed in the movie "The Secret" were in
operation! That thought "I better not forget it since it will be
above the field of view of where i am making out the deposit slip"
was more than predictive.

I dropped off my friend, got home to my parking spot, then made the
fatal mistake. I put the computer that I carry with me everywhere, a
brand new Mac Book Pro that I purchased to replace the one that
recently had its screen smashed by the wind, on the roof of the car
(in a cloth carrying sack).

I searched the back of the mini wagon I drive thinking, "I must have
taken the camera off the passenger's seat to make room for my friend
and put it in the back." But it wasn't in the boot.

That's when I realized I'd left my precious camera at the bank which
was closing in moments. Anybody could have walked off with it.

I got back in the car and raced off getting halfway before the second

I did a 180 bat-turn and in two minutes I was back at my house. Sure
enough, there was the laptop bag with laptop peaking out in the
middle of the main access road. I scooped it up and did another bat
turn heading for the bank. On the way I prayed that when i opened the
laptop cover, I would have an intact screen. No such luck.

The laptop screen was broken all right as well as some other cosmetic
parts and who know what inside, since i can no longer rest my palms
on it, because that makes the curser jump like crazy. The whole
computer is slightly bowed now... but still working!

You have to realize I work at the computer almost 19 hours a day, day
in and out. I don't do well with gravity for long bursts and have to
lay down frequently -- usually with the laptop dancing between
balancing on my belly or supported on a knee.

I am so addicted to learning on the Net and converting my creative
thoughts and impulses to communicable multimedia ideas, that I suffer
from post postpartum depression without a computer nearby. Can you

When the laptop is not available to move my projects for the Earth
forward (and personal projects like broadcasting my Thursday Night
Jams music session live at

mauimacman), I start to get intense cravings - it must be like what
a pregnant woman feels like.

So, just like my old laptop that in March, had a similar misfortune
(with smashed screen thanks to a whooping wind that sailed it off a
table), I am now faced with two laptops that need screens and a
savage crimp in my work flow.

With that in mind, If you'd like to purchase a 5 month young MBPro
before I get it fixed, let me know. I'll make you a great deal!

This machine with half a screen (that amazingly still works) will
make a great desktop computer if you just invest the $300 more
approx. to purchase an external (LCD TV) monitor!

Now, what I have to do is to decide if I should buy the new MacBook
Pro rather an fix (for $1600 approx.) this one (purchased four months
ago), for just a bit more than Apple's price for the screen repair on
my 3 year old Aluminum PowerBook.

That has become the file server and back up machine in my studio
LAN. I think that machine is going to get the LCD TV/Monitor
treatment since it runs both Mac OS 9 and X. Then I will have enough
machines in which to mock up a Creativity Cafe Digital Storytelling
and mentoring environment!

I am looking forward to the day I can move everything into a
community venue and begin implementing 24/7 the 27 years of planning
on how to best serve the public with our common interest of a social
mechanism by which we can reprogram the masses to more speedily
evolve an inspired and revitalized world filled with happy, healthy,
peace filled and prosperous people.

Please contact me if you are part of this project?

As a reward for getting to the end of this post, here is a link to your free SIGGRAPH Tradeshow Exhibits floor pass!

PS: I guess its better to have half a screen rather than no screen at all as in Laptop #1. What would you suggest I do, repair, sell, or ???? with the broken laptops?

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