Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fwd: POPCORN BLIZZARD. The Story of Peter Rosen, Map City Records audio engineer.

Check out this flash from the past! Someone named Nils, just contacted me and has opened some major doors to my story! What a Valentines Day gift from the cyber universe!

The memories are flooding in! Not only do I remember the songs he sent, but I remember sitting at the console for some of them as I was the engineer! Check here for stories of the Popcorn Blizzard and links to their music (the music I recorded in 1969):

The tracks are from an album called POPCORN BLIZZARD. I recorded the album when I was 1 year into my recording engineer career in NYC at Map City Records (22 yrs old). A band member (Nils) just found me on the Internet (40 years later) and made contact. These are the only samples of my work from those days that I have. AS you might imagine they are precious to me. I can even remember sitting at the console for some of them!! Enjoy the songs.

Below is the "console" they were recorded with. zoom in and cross your eyes and maybe you will see the stereo effect (cross eye viewing technique:

Notice there are only 3 meters on the console. I brought the studio from 3 to 4 tracks just before this recording was made. The world's first 16 track recorder was getting its feet wet around the corner at Eventide Clockworks studio (famous in the recording business). When recording this album, I had also been working with people such as Jay and the American's and Bobby Bloom who's record (I had nothing to do with) Montego Bay went to #1. I was to meet and hang with Bobby in Jamaica BWI, my first of 3 trips there in 1970 -- just before he accidently shot and killed himself (age 24) while cleaning his gun in front of his wife and my boss, recording artist Peter Anders who later married Bobby's widow. Take My Love Forever was written by Anders. I had recorded him doing the demo just before the Blizzard covered it. I believe somewhere I have a cassette with that demo recording if the iron oxide is still magnetized. Until now, that was the only representation of my work from those days I have.

NOTE: Now that my curiosity was piqued, I've been poking around the Net and found this link that pre-dates my history with Anders and Poncia. In 1975 I left cab driving in NYC and moved to LA. I stayed in North Hollywood with Jimmy Calvert and Norman Marzano, whom I'd met in NY while engineering at Map City. We later moved to Norman's Laurel Canyon pad. It was a happy reunion.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Things Come In Time - My Mac is Back

Here I am seen packing up my MacBookPro to send back to Apple after what was (IMHO) a simple fix, broke my Mac. Well, Mac is back from the shop after being gone three weeks. But, you've got to Love Apple!!

See next post for the amazing story of how a bad apple netted me a new machine and before that, an upgrade free as appeasement.

In the meantime, check out this slideshow and song from 1980. This demo was recorded using my 512 Mac. Enjoy HERO OF THE POPULAR SONG:

BTW, No, I am not kissing Moshe! LOL


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Willie K, say's goodbye to Hapa's in Style

Have a look at one of Maui's most beloved performers! If you want to hear some of the sounds.... let me know?

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