Friday, October 26, 2007

Wrapping Up is Not a Piece of Cake

I have been home on Maui almost a month from my voyage to see my dad off to his heavenly trip, and wishing my mom a happy 88th. She should make it another 10 years if all goes well?

If you have any stories about being with your parents when they depart this world, please leave your story with my cyber clone:

Don't forget to send in your submission to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge!

I am busy recording a NEW release of my song, "SHE'S PICKING UP ON MY MINDWINDS." My dear friend Stefani Valadez has laid a vocal. I hope you like it? Wanna hear? Let me know in my clone's answering machine (ABOVE) on your screen (GizSignOnReq). OR BE SURE to leave your email addy or a comment on this post.

Those who respond with a COMMENT before the end of the year will be treated to an amazing piano solo from the recording session that is sure to knock your sox off!


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