Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frightening fun with sensors, projectors, and Max/MSP | Crave - CNET

Frightening fun with sensors, projectors, and Max/MSP | Crave - CNET

This will probably be my destiny.. using the MAX-MSP toolset for my own public performances and edutainments.

When I was in SF (1994-1999) to make my last (not yet!) attempt to ground Creativity Cafe after 15 years already trying, I was led to experience Joe Lambert's Edutainment Center featuring digital storytelling pioneer Dana Atchly. We later produced several Creativity Cafe Edutainment events that incorporated video conferencing and artists using technology for humanity at their venue.

Like Dana and his "fireside" chat (a video screen with burning fireplace logs, I hope to present in a similarly colloquial fashion, an interactive experience where depending on my mood and whim, I could tell stories from my life and sing my songs - while projecting multimedia. He used to do it via a remote controlled copy of Macromedia's Director (which became shockwave/flash). I would use my Mac and MAX/MSP, Livid Union VJ software and other tools of the digital storytelling trade.

His show started with the highway of his life with branches numbered by years. It had other side "branches" marked by suitcases. A click on each suitcase opened to an expanded interface that he could use to display his photos & movies depending on what sparked he storytelling spirit at the moment.

The audience feedback and interactions he invited would often affect his storytelling flow and direction. I loved the flexibility and functionality of what he was doing... since my spirit is very much like his. I have great command of art and technology, and like most artists, have my issues maintaining focus on marketing long enough to pierce the noise floor of the world of sales to the masses or licensing my work.

Of course one should not forget that my own creativity and ego investment for most of my life was firmly focused to establish Creativity Cafe; to answer the needs all creative people. What all share the same need, i.e. someone to market and agent our talents - and how to harness their VARIOUS other forms of self expression beyond their primary gift. After all, if you are talented in on medium, I dare say you are expressive in others as well. A fine artist is often also a musician and visa versa.

Anyway. I just wanted to remember this link and thought to share it with you. When my life next turns toward public display of my persona (I am recertifying for the community access TV studio where I hope to produce the Maui Artists Showcase again), I might be ready to harness the technology to help clarify and communicate my thoughts, visions, experiences, desires and needs to an audience interactively - not to mention mentoring others to use the same digital storytelling tools to liberate their spirit. That would bring me the most joy! Stay tuned!

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