Monday, December 28, 2009

How I met Annie

We met just before my mom's 90th birthday on Sept 25 and dated for a month before she left for a return (after 30 years visit) to her
vietnam homeland.

During that month we video chatted while she travelled. My cyber-pitching woo via iChat and Skype worked its magic (not to mention our great connection before she left when she thought I would be returning to Maui).

But as fate would have it, mom got sick. I had to stick around for an extra month while Annie travelled. Suddenly I realized if I go back to Maui, I would be alone for Thanksgiving and the Xmas holidays. It didn't make sense given what I was feeling - being with Annie.

I hadn't slept with anyone for 6 years (and that was only a two week affair), nor have I tasted relationship for the last 12 years. The last time I lived with anyone was in 1976 - only for a year.

So when I asked Anne (via video conference) if I could stay at her place for the holidays before going back to Maui, she took a big risk
and said YES. I gave her a royal tantric welcome home after picking her up from the airport -- in my mom's junked up car. We've been living together ever since.

Xmas was our third month anniversary since our meeting 9.25. I am
taking her to Maui to taste the waters there and introduce her to my friends, show her some of the other islands, and then fly back to SF to be with her kids for 6 days before returning to NJ.

Its' so great to have a sudden new home and life with a most wonderfully loving woman, and be close to my mom in her closing years at the same time. God has outdone herself once again with this arrangement! And thats just the beginning. What binds us is how well our interests, economics and persona's intersect in passions, thoughts and style of being.