Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've been having a great time with New Friend but...

A horrible time with my iPhone 3GS that keeps freezing on me. I make
screen captures when I can unless it locks up too badly, now at about
the rate of three times a day depending on how many apps I am
twiddling. It seems the problem always involves keyboard input. Does
anyone else have a similar issue?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Date with Annie: Peter Yarrow Concert in Ridgefield, CT

It turns out "Ridgefield" as a city name, has yielded several gold
mines for me as Annie and I met in Ridgefield Park, NJ and now off to
see Peter Yarrow in Ridgefield, Connecticut!

Peter Yarrow and I go way back to the Songwriters Resources and
Services 1978 Songwriter Awards Ceremony for which I was photographer
and Mr. Yarrow was MC. We sat next to each other that day; and so
was the beginning of our friendship. I would later chronicle Peter's
performances at the Survival Sunday Anti-Nuclear Concerts at the
Hollywood Bowl circa 1978-1982 thanks to his getting me a backstage
pass. My documentation included travel to NYC in 1982 for the, Peter,
Paul and Mary concert part of the 1982 Peace Rally both at the UN and
in Central Park during a Concert for which I was again backstage
thanks to Peter Yarrow.

Last night I took Annie out on our "first date" to see Peter, whom I
hadn't seen since a visit circa 2002 to his NYC apartment. I asked
him to sign my guitar. Not only did he, but he also signed my right
hand with his private phone number and email. We made a pact to get
together since my stay will now be extended to accommodate mom's
pending operation.

He was so inspiring. I was taken by his low vocal tones and resonant
personality. He had written a bunch of new songs, reprised Puff the
Magic Dragon and played old folk songs like "Once I lived the Life of
a Millionaire (Ain't Nobody Love's You)" and Stewball. The audience
sang along with many of the songs we love to sing ending with Blowing
In the Wind; which he dedicated to Mary - testifying that there will
never be a replacement. It was truly the end of an era... (and
therefore the beginning of a new one).

Thats how I feel too; given the discovery of Annie; my new friend and
Rocks to DNA beauty queen model. She grabbed some great shots of
Peter signing my guitar and this one of "Brother's Peter." I will
have to post some of the other shots (I photographed the concert) up
to share with you.

I have so much to be thankful for and to cherish. Once mom gets thru
her operation, I will truly feel like new beginnings have blessed me/
us. I celebrate! Here Here! A toast to new beginnings and the
happiest of times! Oh Joy!