Friday, September 04, 2009

Will The Tooth Fairey Visit?


They didn't do the root canal I had expected on tooth 31. The tooth is not completely dead. One lone filling remains and will be buried under the crown. Dr. Brath left a filling that had remained despite this tooth's history**! I have never squirmed so much under the dental drill! You'd think I was faking a painful root canal, NOT. But even after 4 injections of into different locations to numb the nerves, I was still twitching and pulling away from the drill; tearing down the tooth #31's outer surfaces below the gum. Here's a still!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


PHRosen_telephoneTreeDivine, originally uploaded by pedro pan.

I made a print of this for my bathroom. One of my all time favorite

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

They Killed My Favorite Tree

I just heard from my mother that the management of her domicile has "determined" the tree housing the squirrel families I have been documenting for the last 4 years, is to be cut down. Yesterday they did it!

I was so disappointed that Mom was unable/didn't make an effort to document this sacrilegious act either as it was happening (she says it was over before she knew it while she was still in bed) or after. She described the pieces of tree below her window and yet, still claimed she was unable to document it (after we had discussed it the day before the tree chopping).

Needless to say I am very sad that my perfect perch for studying and documenting the Squirrels of Turtle Tree Falls, a famed spot in North New Jersey's Squirrel Square district.

The tree choppers claimed the tree was dead. It was not! I have photos of the buds, leaves and lives of the creatures that used, lived and died in and on that tree!! I will publish my "findings" for your enjoyment. All I need is one person to say, let me see what you've got! Leave a comment to that effect and it shall be done. I will post especially for you!

I will make the time to post an addition to my already in progress ode to Squirrels Site.

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