Saturday, July 11, 2009

iPhone: Tides of Change: Jamaica Sunshine Slideshow - Birth of Bones

Enjoy an iPhone Slideshow (or any Mobile/Computer Device) of my 1973
trip to Jamaica, BWI. What a fate filled trip that was!! I began, an
innocent kid but boy, did THAT change!

While in Negril, Judy gave me "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass. After being
on a Mountain Top homestead belonging to Rastafarian Joshua (from
Jericho) along with some rock n rollers from Flint Michigan, going
back to their Key West Crash Pad, I met the woman who would forever
open my eyes to a greater reality. I drew Darleen Nash is while
playing and singing about my adventures of Jamaica my first day in
Key West. My innocence ended about 10 days later!

Darleen became my reflection, mentor, guide, healer, lover, teacher
etc. Watch the images, hear the stories:

Let me know what you think/feel from one of my most life changing
moments? Speaking of life changing moments TODAY is the 40th
Anniversary of V.A.R.I.O.U.S.. It was July 11th 1980 when I received
the vision of an Artists Resource Center that would harness creative
force for the healing and good of all. I didn't sleep that night. I
was once again imprinted with an ever more details celestial showcase
of what has become my life's work to manifest:
bin/view/Sandbox/CreativityCafe . Maybe you be of assistance (in the
name of PRONOIA) and hook me up with the "right" people?

This slideshow represents just some of my stories which are of the
"Adventures of Shiloh Bones." As I scan more of my photographic
library of color/black and white negatives, transparencies,
Kodachromes/Ektachromes, RGB Lab produced films, etc., I will be
releasing more stories of my real life experiences: the amazing and
serendipitous "coincidences" that can only happen when one follows
their heart and dreams; honoring the impulse from within - always
telling you which way to go; what is best for you! Hear it?

When Darleen prepared our bedroom for this transformational voyage,
she put up images she painted and photos of the Beatles and Meher
Baba: - in who's face I saw
my own reflection - his eyes reflected my soul! My own father was
critical, harsh and reprimanding. It was so healing (at 26) to Feel
the Love in Meher Baba's and Darleen's eyes; eyes that beheld mine
from a foot away, yet were connected by a rock solid beam of white

We gazed, face to face, heart to heart for many moments. In her face
I saw rapidly morphing faces of all eternity in a scintillating
display of God-force Presence - Omnipresence. I was in awe at what
was transpiring. The images and experience forever burned into my
consciousness; a holy imprint of meeting her steady look of love, a
look that fully embraced my being and then some.

I could do nothing, say nothing, but watch Darleen's face -
metamorphing into hundreds of expressions of Shakti. I groked what
was happening. I was connecting with all and nothing, the spaceless,
timeless, formless, beingness of all things. The message was we are
holographic moments of now suspended in forever shape shifting energy
formations of light and sound vibration - our "quantum" presence
conforming to a thought, a whim, a whisper of an idea governed by our
perceptions, motivated by our heart-mind and manifested by all there
is as we, each one of us, conjures up our particular aspect of