Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to Turtle Tree Falls, Squrril Square, NJ

Jewish Squirrels inhabit New Jersey Forest

I went to visit my mom and found magic in them their hills (between the valleys of life). Yup! Real peak experiences. I will be tellin the tails for sure, if you know where to look. Leave word. Find out. My voyage was from March 11 through April 17 when I traveled over 6K miles in one day to come home to Maui. I had a fantastic adventure with new friends, a lover, fantastic squirrel photos and family fun, plus my birthday celebration at the NY School of Visual Arts Visual Music Marathon (disappointing). See comments for other links.

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a trip to Jamaica 1973 - Changing Me Forever

This slide show goes by quickly. It documents my voyage to Jamaica BWI. Then to Key West where the people I met contributed to my taking window pane LSD and "seeing God."  I suggest if you are viewing with Quicktime, you can use the arrow keys to advance frames - otherwise just tap the space bar to start & stop. Click blog post title to view larger.

Though this will be out of sequence, it marks the place where my recent trip to East Coast will be recounted, along with some of the most wonderful moments of love and divine intervention for my 62nd Birthday Celebration that included a serenade in bed with a beautiful new friend, one of two met this trip, a first!

Actually one I met last time I visited but very briefly. I called her and we clicked. It was the first time in too many years that I found myself in bed on my birthday. later upon waking on Easter Sunday, we had dinner at her brothers. Things went better than usual with my family too.

I organized and made a pancake breakfast at moms (movie coming) of Maui Chocolate Mango Apple Banana MacNut wth pine nut and fennel accent pancakes.