Friday, March 20, 2009


Aloha ha ha,

Check out this light painting video:

I plan on making my own "PikaPika;" my next horizon - an animated
version of my light painting. This art form appears to have
originated in Japan (movie making from a series of time exposures of
flashlight paintings):

Obviously I love what I see: people using "my" Spirit Body Process
[LOL] to create an even more fantastic art form. You can see why I
have to learn how to do this~!

PS: I probably already know how, I just have to take the time to make
hundreds of light paintings in a stop motion animation; kinda like
this time lapse i made of myself getting out from under my Alter. Its
called Alter Removal (Altered States):

The film honors my move back to Maui after spending five years in San
Francisco for a last hurrah trying to manifest Creativity Cafe
(except I'll never stop trying to make that humanitarian dream come
true). Right now, I am trusting Goddess and the process of life...
and taking care of myself first (unlike my first 25+ years of
dedication to my vision of how to harness creativity to brew a better

(meanwhile the lens and Rebel 350D camera is in pieces giving birth
to these images before passing, and welcoming my new light source, a
full color flashlight with controllable color and effects)! This one
is called, "Need A helping hand?"