Friday, January 30, 2009

A Day Called Karma

I never could trust Darcy to come through. Several times she called with her desire to work with me. She would say she'd call back... and never would. At lest on the last two occasions.

But today would be different. Everyone would be served by an uncanny sequence of goodwill and godspeed.

It all began with a light on my dashboard warning me my engine was ailing. Sure enough, I smelled oil and my mechanic said, valve cover gaskets need changing. So I booked an appointment with the town gas station to have the work done, today!

I had been up all night battling the smokers smoke from downstairs drifting up through the floor in my bedroom where I sleep on futon’s on the floor. I sprayed pine sol on my curtains and closed the window so needed for ventilation, only they keep a fan going by their open bedroom window to blow their poison right up and into mine so I had to shut it.

Darsy had called last week once again and we arranged for me to do a product shot for pay. I was in no mood to hang out waiting for our noon appointment when I had only gotten a few hours sleep before having to deliver the car to the shop at 8am. I took the bus back home rather than our meeting spot. So when she called me, right on time, I explained and asked if she might come pick me up. She did.

I had my tripod, camera, computer and support gear. I asked her to bring me to Starbucks a few blocks from where my car was being serviced. There was Richard, a friendly face. Also Peter (Bonnies X) said hi and that he’d run into Stephani on the Mainland! I excused myself for I had work to do for Darcy:

Together with her assistance to hold the improvised tent made from a GreenGrocery bag, which I had used for background and to contain her jars of stuff and had one of my new slave flashes with a get for a kicker light. I took the photo, processed it. She had wanted to learn photoshop and inquired about lessons. She has a Mac so I told her maybe we could trade as she is a massage therapist.

At my rate of $50/HR, her being a self labeled techphobe, it would get very expensive quickly. She was nice enough to pay me cash, then drive me to check on my car, it would be another few hours. She dropped me back on Starbucks where I was quite happy with my laptop office. Peter came over, sat and chatted with me.

While there I got a call. It was someone who found a phone with my name in it. It was Janice’s. It turned out the phone was up at Surfside which is managed by a friend of mine. I told MJ I would be by for the phone after my car was done, I know where Janice lives. Only because I had insisted on one of our dates, to drive her right to her door.

I also got a call from Monica from Germany whom I’d recently re-met. We had lived in the same house back in 1996 when I was based in SF pushing Creativity Cafe and taking breaks back on Maui. Monica and I arranged to meet at sundown, right around the time I was getting the phone and it turned out my car back.

Peter was leaving Starbucks when the call came in about 4pm my car was ready. What a blessing to be on Maui and run into friends like this. Most of the time I feel friendless as almost nobody calls me (although Three Singing Eagles checked in yesterday).

Peter took me and my photo gear to the repair station and dropped me off. I took my fixed car to go pick up the phone that Janice must be frantically trying to find? I had to wait a bit for MJ to arrive. I took the opportunity to take a nap on the hotel couch, nodding out while reading the manual for the switcher at AKAKU, I’d downloaded a while back. In fact yesterday I was technical director in the studio for Steve Frieds show. One more to go, volunteering for another producer before they turn me loose in there, then look out!

It was great to connect with MJ. She loves to do hula but also does massage. She had helped me many years ago when I was struggling on SSI and not on sufficient pain killers.

I had been up so long, my back was really nagging so I bid her farewell and headed for Charley Young Beach on the right were Monica said she’d be. She wasn’t there, but a single gal was, listening to ipod. Normally I would have said something to her being so desirous of having a relationship, but after my long day, I just wanted a bed at that point.

Besides, I had to pee! Monica had moved on. I decided to sit on a log and discretely pee while watching the sunset. I was halfway down a hillside dotted with sunset watchers above the beach. Someone called my name just as I was about to pull it out! Monica had spotted me. She introduced me to someone she was with.

After her halfhearted hug, I declined her offer to walk the beach for sunset with them... figuring she must be more attracted to him as her hug was boarding on A-frame. I could feel her pulling away rather than melt into me as she had. A sure sign she didn’t want the guy to get any wrong impressions. Not there would be any reason to -- as neither of us has made any overtures.

My next stop was to pick up dinner of chopped salad at Outback Steak House where I also get my sauteed vegetables. I had called ahead so in moments I’d picked up dinner and was on my way to where Janice lived, several blocks from me. She wasn’t home so I left the phone with the house owner (along with my name) and made it home just after sunset.

I was so happy the smokers had not arrived home. I opened all the windows to air out the place. I rigged my music to play Reggae to mask the foul mouthed drunken smoker downstairs. Theo in NYC and I had been chatting with our voices going thru my PA system so I wouldn’t have to hear the nasty voice of the butt downstairs.

On the way home I had noticed the engine light was back on! That means a trip back to the service station, only now, since I’ve paid them to work on my vehicle, I would think they will put my car on the analyzer since it “threw a code” for free as party of my warranty (rather than have to pay $150 I’d be quoted at one place for the privilege). But all in all... It was a great day of friendship, service and people getting what they needed in service to each other.

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