Thursday, January 08, 2009

A month of Images - Dec 15, 2008 - Jan 7, 2009

Your listening to a Shiloh Bones Band rehearsal track, Movin' On from Peter's pen in sketch form once again - with the proper recording, still to come along... this is going to be a hot hot song.

The images are my streams of life, reminders for my future self. It could be a long time before intimate sharing. My heart so longs in world still at war with itself, to find a way to put it on the shelf. How abserd, to always serching for a better way. That's my world I work for night and day. I can see a brand new day, I can feel it comin our way today...we're moving on.

Adventures in light, sound, love, night light play, synchronicity, serendipity, experimentation, illumination, inspiration, Christmas rainbow gift from God, soulful sunsets, a friends life was robbed: Patrick passed for him we grieve, he was one not to deceive. New friends come and go, New Years Eve, Growing pains and depression looms, out of sight, out of mind. Rocks to DNA from the heart space of a lonely room, yet hopeful visions based on decisions, made so long ago - play out. Dancing on the Edge of Time to the rhythm and rhyme of Shiloh Bones heading home.

Enjoy the sound going round and round, just a test I must confess to get my audio system up to speck, train the band, awe heck! We fucked up some parts, ok, they're dreck - but bad as a few moments may be its alright with me, in fact I like the groove, do you?