Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Happy Happy Happy Camper

You know the feeling of being home? Well I struck it rich. I walked
into Annie's home that Sunday the day after we met. The day of the
Serendipitous Sensuous Massage Party. She had keyboards upstairs and
down. Everywhere you look there was musical instruments. It warmed my
heart. Not only that. But finally I found a female friend who's
energy compliments mine. A warm and outgoing personality, a risk
taker who is not afraid of flirting with life.

She is as happy without a man as she is with one. But I think
everybody likes to have another body to love. Perhaps our friendship
will take that direction because hugging Annie is like a dream come
true for me. Its so easy to be with her. She feels like home.

On a less happy note:
Mom is in the hospital for observation. Its never a comfortable
feeling to know your parent is so challenged that hospitalization is
needed. She has a sinus infection. But I think she suffered a mild
stroke three nights ago - that was repeated yesterday while my sister
was taking her home from the doctor, so rather than bring her home,
Lynn took her to the hospital. She's been really sick for 5 days.
I've caught the bug from her. I am happy to report its on its way out
after only two days of torment, thankfully!

Unfortunately it dashed several of my plans to get together with
friends in Manhattan and to jam with Annie and friends. Oh well. Its
all perfect and good. I am glad mom is getting a thorough check out.


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