Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bob, Caryl, Ted and Alice? Something Crystalized!

photo of new friends

I had taken quite a risk as a new person to the group, when I yelled and got everyone's attention (some 40+ peeps) at a NJ Musicians MeetUp. I spoke my truth about the leader of the Meetup who was playing too loud and dominating the sound, to the point of not being able to hear the other musicians. "Bob" whom I didn't know at all, came up to me after my speech and sounded his support. He whispered his thanks that I'd said something - HIS words and action was so very comforting to me.
There were violins, harmonica's, guitars, keyboards, a recorder; my instrument of the night). The pickup in my Vagabond guitar failed again, damn. Caryl was the first I'd met as I walked into this fun and friendly scene. There were loads of very talented folks all playing the music and songs I love so much. I was home! Finally in NJ.

Caryl was already friends with Bob and "Alice" - whom I was immediately attracted to when I walked into the MeetUP. You see, I had met these fine folks (and many more) at a MeetUp.com online organized event: the Bergen Country Acoustic Musician's Meetup, the day before my mothers birthday on Sept. 25th 2009. Little did I know then, that I would be landing in the midst of some very kindred spirits, fellow musicians and finally, after many years craving, meeting people with whom to play when visiting mother. I am totally grateful I've been gifted so, with these fine new friends with whom to play in the most delightful ways, a gift from God to me for my Mother's 90th Birthday!

The photo was taken two days later during an impromptu more personal jam I had arranged with Caryl and Alice. Bob little did I know had been dating C who is not a musician like the other three. She is a photographer and remains a mystery. Bob is a psychologist and Alice runs a beauty parlor. She agreed to model for my Spirit Body Process Performance Photography which I demonstrated the night I met everyone by trying a few shots in front of the Westside Village Tavern, where the group gathered on the second floor complete with bar and free food. It was a great gathering and party. I loved the band!


Anonymous Theo said...

Sounds like a throwback to the 60's. Wish I could have been there. Glad you made the hookup and had such a great time!

10:39 AM  

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