Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A New iPhone3GS (32 GB) Enters My Life!

It came in today meaning loads of Learning Curves and mind opening. I was thinking of getting one as you might imagine for a long time but knew to wait until the video and cut and paste was up and running. Then my trust and beloved Light painting tool, stereo demo player and LG8100 phone died.

I brought it back to Verizon and their service reps at the store here didn't know which way was up. So when my phone died - after a hike looking for Rose Apples last week, and Verizon couldn't fix it (moisture damage they said) and wanted $150 for a new phone (and locking me in for another 2 years), that was it! I immediately asked them to shut off my service and jumped ship. I went right on over to the AT&T store and plopped down twice that for a spankin new 32GB iPhone 3GS!

I am so excited!! Many new learning curves now for sure (on top of what I am already trying to Grok about Digital Photography Workflow, Stock Photo Agency requirements, realizing my music by Mac Recording Studio tactics, etc. What me, learning curves? You don't really think that that's anything new, do you? LOL.

I am so hooked on learning about so many things. It's no wonder I never leave the Web for long. If there was a lady in my life, that would be different. She'd have to be brilliant since I have a very inquisitive mind.

In fact today after watching a documentary about space-time on BBC TV via the Web, I got out Google Earth to explore the Laser and High Energy Physics observatories mentioned which got me onto the GPS System HQ page ( & ) from which I wound up at the Web site of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ( learning about the GPS system that is controlled from a little room in Colorado.

What has this to do with my iphone? GPS is at the core of many of the phones' abilities and services. I can't wait to learn all about this new gadget (last night I download as many manuals, tutorials and tips and tricks pdf's I could find).

So far, I've made a call, taken pix, shot a video, played with the compass and looked at the settings pages. I surfed the Web with Safari and failed at being able to get my mail set up, and syncing with my laptop... That will come in a few days. Right now, I am happy to have a working cellphone again and know that I have joined the Mobile Device generation in earnest!

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Blogger R O A R! said...

OK, now just remember NOT to leave the iPhone on the roof of your car when you go into the bank! Enjoy!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous KaRi from said...

How long of a video can you shoot?

Can you upload a test to youtube?

6:27 PM  

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