Saturday, June 06, 2009

Took a mean fall - almost broke a wrist - but I got the shot!

A day in the life. The images start with a long haired blond walking around with her underwear showing. Zantar showed up next(white beard taught me to swim like a fish back in 1986, my 2nd trip to Maui) followed by my Mac and Media buddy, Ken K.  He told me about the Indian Dance performance that had caught my eye already. I was glad for the reminder. I went and wound up with my tripod inside the Castle Theater and got a nice little "animation"of the dancers, befriended the Audio Engineer (Steve) and said hi to a gal I would love to have as a friend at least, but she never returned my call, told me she was  working and didn't have time to talk the two times I called her. I didn't realize who is was.  I might have chatted her up, but at halftime, I'd gone out to the Big Tree to practice my light painting and go fishing.

Fishing for a woman whom I could fall in love with and visa versa. One came along and was willing to play. The first shot has her in a nice dance pose and well lit face. She was ready to do it again, when in my excitement, I was rushing to get back to the camera, lost my footing and my body went out of control falling forward faster than I could get my feet under me, the ground was getting closer and closer as I headed for the pavement. My left shoe caught and did me in, as I wiped out on the concrete. A spactular site that drew 3 security folks and some onelookers.  The gal asked if I'm ok. NO! was my immediate response. I was bleeding very minorly from my elbow, knee, right palm and left toe.  My left wrist is not unable to support weight. Its the next day and I am still really hurting all over.  The gal tells me shes a massage therapost and I get her number, and that she has a photographer boy friend.  Damn. I said. Thats a lousy way to have to get attention! Don't tell  him how I do it.   I went back into the theater and on the way saw her describing my technique. LOL.  I noticed the gal sitting by the sound guy and she looked familiar but it wasn't until the end when I went over to him, that I realized (after I was walking away after saying a brief Hi to her) who it was.  But I was in too much pain to act or bark up her tree, still stinging from my fall and the realization that she never called me back to get the fantastic photos I'd taken of her at Little Beach. I will post one here along with some of the other great shots I've been coming up with lately. Are you any good at Cross Eyed viewing of Stereo Pairs?


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