Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday @ Maui Film Festival, Summer Solstice and Father's Day

Its Father's Day and Summer Solstice. Well, at least one of those "seasonal" special events applies. Its Been A Long Time Since My Sister Called speaking of fathers. I am a bit closer to her, than I am to her husband. That's why this photo is dedicated to my sister's husband (especially since he not I has continued our blood line) who is at the opposite end of the creative spectrum compared to my copious creativity:

If I am a father at all, its because of my giving life to my images, music and dreams... productions designed for peoples enjoyment and edutainment.

I walked off during the basketball movie to make this photo. The shutter was open 3 minutes at f3.5 with ASA 1600. When I went back to my blanket, I realized I was missing my cellphone. I laid all my stuff out on one of the concession tables and told a gal nearby what I was looking for (as well as my multicolor lighted yoyo. She told me someone turned in the phone! What a relief. I had dreams of retracing every step.

I was on my way back to my car when I realized I was missing my yoyo. I didn't find it, but did discover my favorite long sleeve shirt on the ground that I'd unknowingly dropped! That was a lucky find. I never did find the yoyo but I have my phone and shirt both of which would be damaging to have lost. I can always get another yo yo.


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