Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cellphone photo of Screen of digiCam Xmitted


I was burning my old papers (rather than shredding) while doing long time exposures at the beach. A hole I dug in the sand was my fire pit. I lasted about an hour. I was wanting some company, my bane. I thought of calling Joanne Walgreens but i would have been to early there on the East Coast. Lo and behold, my cellphone rang. Who could it be? Certainly nobody on Maui... it was Joanne! What a psychick! The image is from last nights series I took of my soon to be x neighbor from across the way. We happened to meet at the mailbox and I mentioned she was perfectly dressed for my Spirit body Process. I asked if she'd like to walk to the beach since it was sunset and the magic time. She surprisingly went for it. I got to notice how nicely shaped she is in clothes.


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