Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Maxine Comes of Age: Rainbow Buds From Gift Clone - Long Version

My friend against corporate crime gave me a Thanksgiving Day present last Nov 27th. I took the clone and grew it, transplanted it and watered-fertilized it through middle of March. It had been under a grow light in my bathroom (I have a medical marijuana license) but it hardly grew, until....

 I left Maui to visit my mother on the East Coast who was going to have cateracts removed. Maxine was nowhere ready to be harvested so for the 5 weeks I was away, I let my grower friend take care of it. Boy! Did he do a good job or what!  My scrawny little plant blossomed into a "mini tree" that yeilded about 8 ounces of sativa.

I enjoyed making this little movie for you with help from my rainbow flashlight and trusty Canon Rebel. Jah, Rastafari!

btw, the music is by my nephew (piano) and me (guitar) mixed in digital Performer on my MacBook Pro!


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