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Kodak to Retire Kodachrome, Its Oldest Color Film Stock -

Kodak to Retire Kodachrome, Its Oldest Color Film Stock -

Wow, its no shock that Kodachrome is dead. I shot my last roll of Kodachrome back in 1982 or thereabouts. Here are two of those last images, the first recorded of General Hershy Bar in Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles. The second recorded at the 1982 SAVE OUR EARTH Peace Rally in New York's Central Park showing Peter Paul and Mary being interviewed before their performance.

I had a backstage pass thanks to Peter; whom I'd met three years before at the Songwriters Resources and Services production of a songwriters competition Award Ceremony. I was the staff photographer. I got to sit next to Peter during a lunch break from the rehearsal/sound check rubbing elbows.

You have to realize I learned how to play guitar by listening to PPM recordings over and over and copying the finger picking. So to actually meet on such intimate terms one of my mentors and hero's was a spectacular experience - out shined only by viture of our continued (at that time) friendship. It was he who got me the photographic access to backstage. I have yet to publish any of those images of the celebrities at that time.

We were at the diner on 14th and Wilshire Blvd in LA, in the days of SRS director, Helen King (who's last portrait I shot before she passed on) and before her organization became the National Academy of Songwriters headed by John Brahany (??) and associates.

I have remained in contact with Peter after that, sometimes stopping in unannounced when in town. He even took me to lunch one time. Just the sweetest man you'd ever want to meet. My dad was rather harsh so I am always on the look out for other males that I might want to inherit some father figure role models from. Peter Yarrow is so highly respected (by me and others I'm sure) in that regard.

Speaking of Peter, Paul and Mary, I have a wonderful image of Noel "Paul" Stooky walking up 2nd Ave., part of the Rally march heading toward Central Park. Peter Yarrow's son is clearly shown in my shot with arm in a sling. I'm sure his arm is all better now!

Those years were the highlight of my career as a Photographer. I was already producing V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink: The Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking Events. The next year, in 1983, V.A.R.I.O.U.S. hit over 200 members who together build the first prototype Creativity Cafe at FutureWorld Expo at the LA Convention Center.


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