Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time Lapse Alter Removal - Altered States

Altered States is the dissolution of my alter that had been set up when I took possession of my new digs on Maui after moving back from SF in 1999.  I set up a camera attached to my computer running BTV software, to take a photo every 10 seconds. After each shot, I moved something, waited for the shutter and repeated with something else until all objects were off the box that I had used to ship parts of my SF office back to Maui in.

Now the tricky part. I reset the imaging system to take a photo every 70 seconds after using a high stool, to get into the uprighted box. I had already taken the series of images at 30 second intervals where I slowly propped up the empty box until I was able to get into it.

I closed the end of the box from  inside it (which was no small accomplishment) and then squatting, counted to 70 (so I had enough time between shots) for the camera to record a frame, before unsquatting just a little bit more as I poked my head more and more out of the box with each frame.

It was hell for some of those middle positions to hold the squat, fighting gravity for all the time between exposures. Then I realized I could get the stool in the box with me to lean on, which made my body's compression much easier to take. 

 I composed the music in GarageBand using virtual instruments triggered with my Oxygen 8v2 midi controller, and then married the sound with the images in Apple Quicktime.  The movie is better enjoyed at 320 x 240 btw.


OpenID RudyVelene said...

Hey Bro. Just checkin your blog to see if youve written anything about your latest adventures in California on this trip. Anyway, will be checking in again soon. Looking forward to seeing you in person!

12:40 PM  

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