Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something Got Turned On Today @ Creativity Cafe

I find myself in Kahului at Coffee Roasters, one of my favorite hang
outs and office outposts. Today by making some changes in web
pages, sending some emails (including the one that posted to this
blog), I hereby set in motion next years KidCast for Peace: Solutions
for a Better World teleactivity -- spurred by getting an email
alerting me to the fact my cousin Michelle, has a children's
organization involved with children's health.

My old friend Patricia Rife put me back in touch with Ashie of Heart-
In-Action [] whom Paul Holman
of Transformational OM originally connected me with a year ago. If
two friends suggest we should be working together, so be it! This is
a new beginning and hopefully the collaboration and team I have been
seeking to establish KidCast for Peace as an Earth Day Peace Portal.

Ashie's Heart-in-Action nonprofit organization has offered my
nonprofit; Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique
Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media): producer of Creativity Cafe's
KidCast for Peace, use of a multi-point multi-node broadcast system
[] to support KidCast.

In the past we have used CU-SeeMe and iVisit Software for video
conferencing. Userplane also has sponsored us. Ashie's video
conference network offers the option of "protection" -- needed in a
warped world to protect young minds and future leaders from those
with less than inspiring intent.

We look forward to collaboration with Heart-In-Action. I just noticed
from browsing her web site (who has time for all this?) that she must
know my good friend Irv Sarnoff from "Friends of the United Nations,"
along with Harry Dakin who sponsored my activities for those five
wonderful years in San Francisco (1994-1999). Those years marked the
end of the most amazing cycle in my life's trajectory toward
manifestation of Creativity Cafe; and the establishment of a network
of community networking venues to serve the community in various ways.

Now, back to work on personal projects... My next musical album is
coming along nicely thanks to help from Marilyn, Jim and Shiloh
Bones, with a little Kachina thrown in for good measure. I am happy
to announce I have been re-certified as a studio producer with new HD
Video gear at Akaku Maui Community Television Station. I have always
been in broadcasting. It began with a speaker in a tree connected to
my first tape recorder circa 1960, a Wollensak T1515-4. My resume has
more details about my early years in broadcasting.

Have a happy holiday season.

Love, Light, Blessings and Peace be yours!