Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A little Slice of Maui Life

A chance meeting at Borders in Kahului Maui leads to a break in my rather solitary cycle to enjoy to company of strangers... and friends whom I rarely see. But it so happened, on the weekend of Dec 6,7,8 2008 it was the most wonderful contact with humanity, old and new friends. Sunow and Spirit of the Radiance Healing Center told me of a benefit in their honor Saturday night. The images show our meeting at Borders and the next day at their gathering. Earlier I had run into Milan (and Rose shown in the door) who was helping Elbee buy furniture at a garage sale just outside my building. We met, I showed them my studio and agreed to see them later. When I got to the other side of Maui after a 30 minute drive, I was in great back pain. Searing fire in my spine that usually I can operate in spite of. Not this night. I was bummed. Everyone was happily jumping and dancing, smiling and having fun. I was alone and miserable. I headed for the first place (thankfully) that was available to lay down and just watched - once more the observer as I so often am. Mostly I like it that way. I always loved watching people and groking their experiences vicariously from a distance. Sahajo came over to ask how I was. I replied truthfully, wracked in pain. She said get on the massage table and began to work on me. I thought there was a charge but she said not to worry about it. Soon another person walked up and asked if she could also work on me at the same time. I was being touched by 4 loving hands and getting the body work I need so badly. I keep looking for good people. Afterwards, I took their cards so I could employ their services. I had a long telephoto lens on my Canon Rebel which led to the Devil. I fired off a bunch of shots of our hosts and their happening. The light caught their wide open pupils at just the right angle to heighten the red-eye effect of the flash. Enjoy the devil eyes. Sunday I interviewed a woman desiring to be my apprentice. I took her to my studio and then to little beach. I was thinking of going there anyway (or to Windcloud's for music making). I opted to help the woman out with a ride and see if Amanda - who was a fantastic Spirit Body Process Photographic model a few weeks back - was at Little Beach. We had created an awesome Spirit Body Process image I will share elsewhere. Its Richard's Birthday today so I am posting this for him! as well as for Joe and Donna. At Little Beach (where nudists can sunbathe on Maui) I set up for a Spirit Body light painting and waited for a model. I saw a beautiful, totally naked woman not far off up the bluff. But every time I thought to approach her, I was met with internal resistance. I just could not bring myself to walk up to a strange naked woman; part of two couples and ask her to model in front of her boyfriend. Then she put on her clothes and together with the other woman walked towards me. There were not two couples. The two gals had nothing to do with the two guys. Not only that but It turned out I know and had dated the beautiful woman! It was great to see Stephanie and exchange hugs. There was obviously still an attraction. She is going to the Mainland for the holidays. She promised to be in touch upon her return. Just about the time I will be heading for the Turk Islands with Marci from LA. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!