Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creativity Cafe Wins Google Prize **

** OK, wishful thinking. I worked really hard (yet another time) to make a contribution to unlocking creative force for good on Earth. Sometimes its worth it whether I win or not, the idea always gets clarified.

Speaking of which, my new 28-200mm Tamron Macro-Zoom lens was delivered yesterday. The same day my neighbor threatened me harm because I am trying to keep the cigarette smoking downstairs toxic air from reaching my lungs. I retired the Sigma 28-200 Hyper Macro Zoom as a work of art.

I've been here 7 years. They bought the place under me a year ago and have the rude audacity to suggest that I should move rather than find a workable solution to my chemical sensitivity. Apparently, beer drinking people with cigarette and alcohol addictions (who suggested my Pine Sol is damaging to their kids) are so stupid, not only do they threaten their own lives - but the poor children have to breathe the poisonous second hand smoke, like I do. Would someone like to offer me a better place to live?

Meanwhile, I keep trying to apply my talents and skills to be of service. The title above may be a bit misleading, but maybe not: Check out Creativity Cafe Founders Corner for details.