Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Open Letter Calling for Creative Collaboration & Global Transformation

We need help developing CREATIVITY.COM.
Please accept this invitation for anyone who has the time and inclination - i.e. vision for helping make this domain (speaking of collective ownership) viable, to get in touch with me. There are many questions as to how to structure such an entity as I have been envisioning to serve the masses, especially creative people. BTW, I also own CREATIVITY.NET) which has also been donated - to provide an online record of progress toward physical manifestation of Creativity Cafe's first venue and interdependence with CREATIVITY.COM, a place to provide service to creative people (we need brilliant brains to collaborate and unleash gobs of potential cash cows for community sharing). The way I see it, everyone who THINKS they are NOT creative are not seeing that nothing could be further than the truth. We are all creative and as Michael Moore's letter points out, collaboratively we can make a difference. This is what Creativity Cafe is all about.

I am the steward of these cyber spaces and invite your participation. I see the domains as having great potential to being profitable (I have a great plan if you have an ear??) and useful to everyone in general. My plan involves offering ways to economically profit and or advance lives by using the resources of the domain and people who are involved in mutually supportive endeavors. You might have some good idea's for using the domains too? I you are up for it, I would love to find some folks willing to discuss possible developmental approaches and forge a plan for sharing in designed and development of these powerful root domains? would obviously be a PORTAL and a place of collective, creative collaborations, authentication, validation, representation and distribution of creative works (and workers) and their products, services, information and other resources - i.e. other creativity sites, alternative venues, etc. that denizens of Earth can harness in appropriate ways to advance their personal path.

FYI, I have been producing audience interactive experiences designed to
awaken creativity in the lay person as well as to give instant
feedback and networking opportunities to creative people. As well, productions produced by members of the nonprofit I'd founded, to advance the cause to manifest a new kind of world where edutainment and networking could help to transform our world via an artists center in every neighborhood. Creative people are different. They need a different kind of world than the crass commercialized one along with proper nurturing and support systems.

If you are drawn to this kind of project. Please
investigate and make contact, i.e. leave a comment or fill in the form at the bottom of our collaboration page.

I will be applying for the Google Prize with my Creativity Cafe
Concept; describing a venue to enable the "rest of us" to actualize
our dreams ( thanks to Net support) WITHOUT having to learn how to
use a computer. Support for this multimedia edutainment venue network would come from CREATIVITY.COM(in part) by delivering payouts
for over 25 profit streams to creative people and general publics participating in the project. This community resource is being designed to help transform our world.

When we coordinatedly tap into the
great wealth of creativity on the planet, in a unified way... in
a community venue designed to harness talent cooperatively
for the benefit of us all and of course, the Creative People.
There is no end to the difference we can make in the shortest amount
of time is programs I've produced and proposed are in operation.

Would you like to be involved, collaborate and cooperate?

PS: I am here at Mom's watching (and photographing) a new squirrel
repair the nest in the tree outside her kitchen window, vacated by
the last inhabitant (rather rudely). As you recall, the happy, furry
new mom met with an untimely demise thanks to the call of nature (and
belly of the beast) all captured on film.

Consider THIS POST, an open call of nature. Please collaborate and
cooperate in creation of Creativity Cafe and optimization of
CREATIVITY.COM for global good. Together we can rewire the world,
harness new media to breed new minds; untethered and unfettered by
the trials and tribulations of once appropriate forms of government
and race of humans driving themselves toward extinction.

On that front, you MUST watch the video I just discovered last night. I was spellbound watching John Perkins and his CONFESSIONS OF A ECONOMIC HIT MAN.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mom's Birthday - Going Strong - Recording my song - NYC 3

Happy Birthday Mim!

I treated Mom and Sister to lunch; a rare gesture since I am usually
so impoverished. Speaking of which (money). I was in the city
yesterday when the money manager called me. I had finally gotten to
the Eyebeam gallery and techno-school which is very much like
Creativity Cafe in some ways - functioning on a limited scale without
visionary intent.

Last night after my THIRD TRIP into Manhattan ( to go to Eyebeam
opening at 6pm after replacing the UV filter that saved my 28-200 mm
Sigma lens, at TriState camera, there again after getting there too
late last Friday when the Jewish owners left early for the Sabbath, I
went to jam with Linsy and try out my new Audio Interface. Worked
fantastically! Now I am up to snuff for studio quality recordings.
When I return to Maui, I will be focusing on my music for CD quality
release. Then next time with my new bass player friend, I will have
tracks for him to contribute to and of course, I will have my audio
act together to record his band.

The lens that broke was the UV protection lens. It did its job when
the camera went flying while fetching the wrong transport for mother.
I had told her I was getting a wheelchair and came back with a
motorized scooter. She blatantly and flatly was insulted by my
gesture (quite the opposite of what I'd expected). She associated the
scooter with "more disability" and her pride refused her the comfort
and ease of keeping pace with less work for me. I was on my way back
with the wheelchair when I had the thought of how much my back hurts.
I was not even wanting to shop at this point when the lens slipped
from my lap and smashed for the 5th or so time to the ground (super
glue fixed it again enough to record my life) . Only the last two
falls permanently affected it, but I do need a new lens to remain
professional. ] I digress.

Just after we got back from the restaurant on a rainy Friday and as
soon as I had my clothes off, Moms doorbell rang. I put on a shirt
and pants and greeted the delivery guy with Apple Books I'd created,
finally! I had ordered these first two experiments in making iPhoto
books (of the images I have been scanning from my negative and slide
archives for the last two months) anticipating mom's birthday.

The ordering system on the Apple site was ambiguous resulting in my
order being incorrectly processed without the shipping address
intended. Upon a call to Apple, things were corrected but the
expected delivery date of the 18th didn't quite make the grade. The
party on Sept 21 was not to be the time to share the product of my
labors and gift with Mother and friends. I was so looking forward to
showing off my images and her family. But on her actual birthday,
its even better. The books arrived and because of the faux pas in
ordering, a perfect gift from Apple as mom loves books. I will keep
one of them to judge my future book compositions and tonal
treatments, now that Apple did the right thing by reimbursing me for
my troubles and doing such a great job with clear, clean reproductions.

The problem was not only Apple's fulfillment mechanism. FedEX was
also to blame. Their rerouting was less than their usual amazing
delivery feat. My call to them on the 22 resulted in promised
delivery on 24 Sept., not the 18th as first believed. I waited and
waited on the 24th, still no books. So today's timing two days later
was perfect, and actually delivered on the perfect day. Mom couldn't
stop admiring my work of art. It made me so happy, way beyond my
other gifts of the lay's, pedometer, CD of my music, DVD of other
images, etc. etc.

Who am I to tell her what to eat (as disgusting as it is to me to
watch her wolf down dead animals with great gusto; dripping in cheese

Monday, September 22, 2008

NJ08trip2 - Mom's B9th Bday Party

Lynn picked us up with Jon driving. That was a first... My nephew driving. Lynn was hawking him at every turn. But later, when I saw them jump up from the gathering and shoot out the door. I quickly on impulse collected my cameras (still and video) and followed them after excusing myself and saying quick goodbyes. Lynn challenged me, what about mom? How is she going to get home?, as if there were no other options. You picked us up I reminded her.

I was never so satisfied at hearing an Oh, yeah!? from her as I darted to meet up with Jon and David. They told me a secret and that made me feel good to. That they will confide in me (about something even their parents don't know) was a first and real bonding moment.The party was 13 folks strong at Dimora's Italian Restaurant, not far from here.

After the party, and crashing on the couch (my back feeling better after yesterdays rest from my trip to Manhattan, I tested out my new M-Audio Profire 610 interface. I got a call from Paul Holman in LA at the same time George on Maui hailed me via auido iChat. I had been trying for YEARS to get Paul on the same page so we could work together if that's possible? Neither of us is easy to work with (i.e. we both have visions and are resolute for the most part in how they are to be executed in manifestation). He has a venue space and wants my assistance, he's just not willing to brand it Creativity Cafe, nor has he offered any overture of partnership.

It was fun chatting with him and George; spreading our chat across the time zones. It finished my high day celebrating my mom. I called for a toast and spoke some wonderful words about dear Mim. Loudly and without warning I stood up and chortled, "I would like to propose a toast to the most marvelous miraculous Miriam for her love, thoughtfulness and zest for life that has brought us all together...."

I carried on for a bit and everyone cheered and applauded followed by Lynn upping the ante. How you can up it from giving mother this fantastic party (of eating) is impossible. As Lynn said, you have stuff, I thought I would give you an experience! I'm trying to get mom to consider a trip to Maui, but I don't think its going to happen. The deck has already been stacked for a Florida party for her 90th. I have begun collecting memories for the occasion in that I've been going through my considerable archives of slides and negatives for the last year (since I gifted myself with a Nikon film and slide scanner last Xmas).